Friday, December 19, 2014

What happened in Conciliation meeting on 17.12.2014?

AIBOA explain through their circular dt. 19.12.2014…………….

On 17.12.2014, the adjourned sitting of the conciliation proceedings was held by Dy.C.L.C.[C], Mumbai at his office with the Nine constituents unions. 
AIBOA was represented by Com.M.A.Srinivasan, Dy.General Secretary and Com.Narendra Kotiawala, Joint Secretary and General Secretary of AIBOA[Maharashtra].

2.         It is a matter of concern to all the organisations that IBA, never before  attempted to go back to the individual Banks to revisit the mandate given by them to IBA in the matter of wage revision. 
Dena Bank and Andhra Bank managements had placed the agenda for the information of their respective Boards.
The action of the IBA is highly provocative. 
IBA’s managing committee  is proposed to meet on 29.12.2014 to take the stock of the situation.

3.         On behalf of the Unions, it has been categorically made clear due to adamant attitude of “IBA-Govt. combine” organisations are forced to pursue the path of agitation, an escalated one. 
At the end, Dy.CLC [C] suggested that both the parties to amicably sort out the matter. 
The meeting concluded at 12.30 hrs.

4.         In the post lunch session, the Nine constituents under the Chairmanship Dr.S.U.Deshpande, General Secretary, NOBO as
UFBU Chairman Com.K.K.Nair was held up at Hyderabad as per his original engagement. 
AIBOA was represented by Com.S.S.Shishodia, President and Com.M.A.Srinivasan, Dy.General Secretary. 

The meeting condoled the death  of Com.N.Sampath, Former President, AIBEA, Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer and the brutal acts of Taliban killing the innocent school kids in Pakistan by observing two minutes silence.

5.         The candle march on 16.12.2014 successfully observed by the Four Officers Organisations by and large, in all cities, one day prior to the meeting, drew some sort of criticism that the steps taken by officers organisations are not in a right direction and possibility of a wrong signal going to the various authorities.
It was amply clarified to the constituent Unions as there was visibly a lullness in our activities after four days zonal strikes for the best reasons known to the respective organisations and the step initiated was in a right direction and also in right prospective.

6.         The provocative action on the part of IBA,  by seeking the confirmation of the mandates from member Banks, extension of probation by some Bank managements and also to prepare ourselves to conduct a sustained struggle, were elaborately discussed. 

It was decided to observe the following preparatory programme for the first strike on 07.01.2015 mainly focussing against IBA’s provocative action of seeking the confirmation of the mandates.

Mass Demonstration in all centres.
Black Ribbon badge wearing
Demonstrations/Processions/ rallies in all centres

7.         There is certainly an insensitiveness on the part of the owners too.  Hence, it was decided to have “FOUR DAYS STRIKE” from 21st to 24th January 2015 followed by indefinite strike from 16.03.2015.

Comrades, we are pushed back to the wall.  There is no other alternative but to fight back, as the gross profit has substantially gone up, year after year.   Workforces in Banking Industry are reasonable, responsible, and keep the National interest as  a priority. 

Our role in carrying out “Financial Inclusion exercise” speaks volumes about our determination to rise to the occasion.  Equally it is time to rise as a one man against the authorities who are denying a reasonable wage hike commensurate with risk, responsibility, accountability and transferability.



Anonymous said...

good decision from unions. 21 to 24 jan + 25th(sun) + 26 holiday = 6 consecutive days strike, IBA must have to do something to defer strike. hopefully they agree to our demands % of hike & 5 day banking.
go ahead unions, we are with you in this battle.

Anonymous said...

why this one day strike and four days strike?its all useless,its just like beating around the bush.why cant u go 4 indefinite strike once and for all starting from 7th jan,we will lose 5 days salary if we play in this way.On one hand we r not getting our just and legitimate wages on the other hand management has forced us to work even on sundays,sunday after sunday,why cant union stand up against this evil? are they offered crorrs of rupees for keeping quiet?,wake up comrades lets fight all evils of iba & ubfu (one of the rrbs management is responsible for forcing empîoyees to work on sundays)


We have been losing salary every month due to cunning and foolish leaders