Friday, October 31, 2014

D.A increase from November 2014 to January 2015:
Total 732 slabs (+49 slabs)
Total 109.80% (+7.35%) on B.P+Spl.Allow.+PQP

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dharna at Chennai!

Information received through e-mail
Dear comrade,
There was a massive dharna on (25.10.2014)
between 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm as per the decision of UFBU-Tamilnadu
at Chennai participated by more than 1500 comrades.
The anger of the bank employees and officers was exhibited
through their voluntary participation.
Following comrades represented their respective union/association
and spoken on the ongoing struggle and about forthcoming
strike programme.
1. C. M .BASKARAN – G.S of NCBE State unit- convenor- UFBU-TN

Monday, October 20, 2014

UFBU circular st.13.10.2014 says…..

It was also decided unanimously by the UFBU to
withdraw all types of extra co-operation
by workmen/officers with immediate effect and
to boycott all meetings called for by the bank managements
after normal office hours.
The meeting also decided against working
on Sundays and other holidays.
BEFI circular dt.181032014 says……

In addition to the day/date/time-specific programmes conveyed
through our said circular,
UFBU has also decided to withdraw
all types of extra co-operation by workmen/officers

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Refer my post “Do not spread rumours!”

All the rumours/news mentioned theirin are proved as fake .
The latest and additional one about “Pay commission“also proved wrong.
I don’t think present day bankers are not so innocent to fall prey to these rumours.
I request the creators of these rumours, please keep away.

On scrutinizing comments in my posts,
We can identify which is genuine concen/comment,
comment out of frustration and which is a comment with hidden agenda.
There are group activities also found with the sole intention of
tarnishing the image of trade unions.

Don’t do harm to trade union activities, if not you could contribute.

I think it is not practically possible for union leaders to visit all FB accounts and blogs and read thousands of comments posted.
For comrades who post their genuine concerns,
I suggest that,you may write letters to your state units of bankwise unions/associations expressing your views and concerns. This may create pressure on unions to take more serious decisions on struggles.
Posting of comments in social media may be an outlet for your frustration, but your direct participation only can make changes.
The only rumour left out to be proved is
“One unions is ready to sign for 13.5-14%”

Thursday, October 16, 2014

UFBU’S Strike programme:

A one day strike on 12.11.2014 is announced.
Great disappointment!
Selection of date is frustrating!

Regarding second part of strike.i.e., relay strike in different dates
in different regions:
It is a new concept and new attempt.
Logic behind may be more disturbance of banking transactions with least
loss to employees. Absence of clearing house operations in different regions will be felt for all 4 days.

AIBEA circular on Pay commission rumours....................

Scotch rumours of referring our demands to Pay Commission
Defend collective bargaining – Defeat third party intervention

For the past few days, there are reports in some of the newspapers that the Government is thinking of referring the wage revision demands of bank employees and officers to the Pay Commission. 

Some of the papers had carried the name of one Mr. Ashwani Rana of NOBW as the source. 
During the UFBU meeting held at Bengaluru on 13-10-2014, the leaders of NOBW reiterated that NOBW stands for bilateral settlement and not for referring the demands to Pay Commission. 

Further, during this meeting, all the constituents of UFBU firmly reiterated their stand in favour of bipartite agreement and against foisting any tribunal or Pay Commission on banking sector. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

a letter by Com. G V Manimaran of Canara Bank Officer Association/AIBOC

I am reproducing a letter by Com. G V Manimaran of Canara Bank Officer Association/AIBOC (too lenghty) for you.

When I reproduced a letter by Com. CHV/AIBEA some comrades branded me as pro AIBEA. When I commented NOBOW' recent decisions , they branded me anti BJP.
When I commented on certain decisions of UFBU youngster though I am against UFBU. 
This time I may branded as AIBOC supporter.

I want to make it clear here, this page is for sharing of all the news related to bank employees, and offering a platform for comrades to post their views and comments.
I have my own views as everyone of you have .

Off late some group of comrades(some are outsiders also) continuoisly posting views against UFBU and try to diverting attention of youngsters towards their agenda. I have no greivances.
After all they are doing the job assigned to them.
Every union will try to increse their membership using every opportunity.

 It is natural. Let us see how far they succeed.

Regarding hew and cry about reports, only in some Hindi news papers, about Pay commision for Bank employees, let us wait and see how the drama ends.

One more thing , I request comrades to post your views in English so that I can understand your views, as also all employees from Kasmir to Kanyakumari understand it.
Even Com. Rana/NOBW posted something in this page in Hindi.
I requested him to post in English. He has not responded.(but he find time to reply for commed in the same post in Hindi again).
I have waited for two days . No reply came. I have deleted the post. What else I can do ? Without knowing the contents how can I allow a post/comment?

Here is the letter by Com. G V Manimaran/CBOA/AIBOC

Letter No: 63 from General Secretary

Dear Friends

I have been closely watching the chatting carried out by some of young brothers expressing their deep anguish on wage revision in what's up for the last two days.

While I wholeheartedly endorse the view of the youngsters that we are the lowly paid in the industry and we are deserving for a decent hike in emoluments, I could not appreciate their understanding on the trade union and its policies. I am unable to support their action of using abusive language on the tall leaders who are leading the organisation.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Decision of NOBW Union:

In the back round of UFBU meeting to be held on 13th Oct 2014 at Bangalore, NOBW met at Mumbai today i.e. 10th Oct. 2014 and decided
1) Stick to 25% demand of Wage revision
2) Not to favour of token strike one/two days.
Go for long and indefinite strike.
3) NOBW is open for Pay Commission recommendations for Bank employees. 4) NOBW also demanded to consider Compassionate appointment cases pending before 5th August, 2014

For your reference last strike for wage revision was on 10&11th of Feb 2014.
i.e when Congress Govt. was in power at center.

After that no strike call was given.

Now, UFBU is getting ready to go for a strike. Dates and number of days will be decided in a meeting on 13.10.2014.
This will be the first strike action against BJP Govt., for wage revision.

At the time of last strike INBOC and INBEF (both affiliated to INTUC/Congress) participated in the strike eventhough Congress was in power that time.

INTUC a congress affiliated central trade union participated in all the struggle programmes with central trade unions like AITUC,CITU,HMS and BMS against anti labour policies of Govt. , even though Congress was in power at center.

1. Coming to NOBW (union affliated with BMS/BJP), in the earler occations, has not opposed to one or two days strike.
   After BJP came to power it is advocating for long/indefinite strike, knowing fully well it is not going to meterialise.

Friday, October 10, 2014


We have read many rumours in the recent past!

*Modi has accepted to constitute pay commission for Bank employees and
Accepted to give 2% more than the central Govt. employees!

*Arun Jetly has offered 17.5+1%, if unions accepted for merger of banks.
Unions have rejected the offer!
(With comment: foolish decision by unions)

*One unions is ready to sign for 13.5-14%

* Unions are dragging the talks for more levies!

* Before Diwali good news will come. Govt. is actively working for that!
…. Many more but nothing has meterialised till date.
Latest one is spread today by some facebook accounts..………
“AIBOC has decided to strike work independently on 03.11.2014 and 05.11.2014
The effect of strike will be 5/6 days as there are intervening holidays.
As other constituents of UFBU have not come forward for strike,
AIBOC took their own decision”……..
( details of agitation programes with date and strike date also mentioned)

Truth is as per AIBOC cir. Dt.09.10.2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


dt6th October, 2014

Dear Comrades,

Need for caution while using communication technology

All of us are aware that advancements in communication technology has opened up lot of scope for quick and faster communications.  We in the trade unions also can and should adopt and utilise these facilities to reach out to our members to inform them of developments, informations and decisions of the organisation in real time.  Already we find that besides using emails for sending our circulars and communications, our units utilise facilities like websites, blogs, SMS, group messaging, Facebook,  Whatsapp, etc. etc.  This has really helped us in percolating informations to down-level members in the branches.......  

................Further, we also observe that in the social media, these utilities are being misused by some people.  We also find that groups have been created in the name of AIBEA and all types of informations and messages are getting shared through the same.  Sometimes, we find that some of the informations are wrong, half-truths, malicious, anti AIBEA, anti UFBU and anti-trade union.  All these only help to add to confusions and create disaffection against the organisation and leadership, etc. in the eyes of common members.  Many persons who are not our members misuse and utilise the platform to abuse AIBEA without knowing facts.