Friday, July 7, 2017

IBA says members have authorised IBA to negotiate up to Scale 3 officers only.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Dear Comrades,


Meeting of UFBU was held today at Mumbai. Com.K.K. Nair, Chairman of UFBU presided
over the meeting.

Wage Revision:

The meeting deliberated on the issue of our Charter of Demands
submitted to IBA and the discussions held so far. The meeting felt that the entire process
of discussions should be undertaken on a recurring and continuous basis in order to
complete the settlement in time. Holding meetings once in a month will not serve the
purpose and hence decided to urge upon the IBA to expedite the discussions so that steps
can be taken to conclude the final settlement in time.

Restrictions in negotiations:

The meeting expressed its strong protest on the decision of
the IBA to restrict the negotiations on Charter of Demands of Officers' Associations up to
Scale-III only and demanded that as hitherto, the discussions and final Joint Note should
cover all Officers up to Scale-VII inasmuch as the majority of these officers are members
of their respective unions and the wage revision exercise which has been a composite one
so far, should not be divided now which will create inter-scale conflicts and inequalities.
It was decided to pursue the matter with the IBA, if necessary and warranted, resort to
organisational programmes at the appropriate time.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

UFBU Meeting held today at Mumbai.
Decided to urge upon IBA to expedite wage revision &  resolve mandate issue.

Also decided to launch agitation against reforms, mergers and our other issues.

19th July Rally.
22nd August strike.
15th September Morcha in Delhi.
2 days strike in Oct/Nov.

Cir follows.

SK Bandlish. Convener UFBU