Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pension option to Resignees/VRS News!!

UPDATED 14.11.2012

Here is the letter by UFBU seeking Pension option for resigned employees!


Reg.:  Extending the benefit of joining the Pension Scheme as per Settlement / Joint Note dt. 27.04.2010 to employees / officers
                      who had resigned from bank service

In terms of the Settlement / Joint Note dated 27.04.2010 between IBA and the Workmen Unions / Officers Associations, one more option was given to the following employees / officers to join the pension scheme.

a)    Those who continued in service on date of settlement.
b)   Family of those who had died during the period.
c)    Those who had retired from service during the period.
d)   Those who had relinquished their job under the special VRS in 2001.