Wednesday, February 24, 2021


SBI staff humiliated by #BJPGoons

@nsitharaman @DFS_India This is How You are going to treat us ?

@TheOfficialSBI has been a topper in implementing all Your Schemes, isn't it ?

Is it the Appreciation that we deserve ?


Even after the Directives of @DFS_India and @nsitharaman herself, @collectorshajap ordered CMO, to seal @TheOfficialSBI branch, during which customer and Staffs were manhandled including female staff. 

Such outrageous crime shouldn't go unpunished. 


Saturday, February 6, 2021

 Read the following circular on opting / not opting for incremental commutation on revised Pension after 11 th BPS.

One simple question:

Why this option was not given at the time of 7th BPS, 8th BPS, and 9th BPS?

Answer to this question itself will explain the failure of UFBU and weakness in bargaining capacity and the anti employee/ retirees attitude of IBA/Govt.

Lesser percentage increase in Basic and introduction of Spl.Allow. (not taken for Retirement benefits) are the  reasons for this situation.

Employees retired after 01.11.2012 will be the losers.


Whether to opt for incremental commutation or not?

My view is..

All employees should opt for incremental commutation.

Don't take risk.

Let signatories of settlement , union officer bearers, committee members, and employees who blindly support unions decision on spl.allow,. forgo incremental commutation and get meagre  increased pension.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

 F.M. reply to question on Pension updation for Bank Pensioners­čś»­čś»