Wednesday, February 24, 2021


SBI staff humiliated by #BJPGoons

@nsitharaman @DFS_India This is How You are going to treat us ?

@TheOfficialSBI has been a topper in implementing all Your Schemes, isn't it ?

Is it the Appreciation that we deserve ?


Even after the Directives of @DFS_India and @nsitharaman herself, @collectorshajap ordered CMO, to seal @TheOfficialSBI branch, during which customer and Staffs were manhandled including female staff. 

Such outrageous crime shouldn't go unpunished. 



Unknown said...

Union ko faisla karna hai na bycott
Govt schemes

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen. Privatisation will be implemented soon.

Banker said...

It looks like the members of the Bank Union hve been honey trapped by sarkar