Friday, January 31, 2020

Bank Employees Federation of India
53 Radha Bazar Lane, Kolkata – 700 001

Circular No. 06/2020 30th Jan 2020
To all Units, OBs, CC & GC Members

Dear comrades,

 Bipartite Talks on 30th Jan 2020

Consequent upon Strike Notice served by UFBU on 12 point demands centering round 11th Bipartite settlement, conciliation meeting took place at the office of Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) at New Delhi on 27th Jan 2020. The CLC (Central) advised the IBA to convene a meeting before 31st Jan 2020 for an amicable solution.

According to the advice of the CLC (Central), another round of negotiation took place today. Representatives of all the constituents of UFBU were present. The undersigned attended on behalf of BEFI.

In the meeting, IBA initially improved their offer to 13%. As it was not accepted by UFBU, the offer was further improved to 13.5%. In regard to merger of special allowance with basic pay; increase of 2% loading; 5 day week, IBA did not come up with any concrete proposal. In the given situation UFBU decided to continue with agitational programme including strike action.

In the afternoon, IBA Chairman wanted to meet UFBU. Com C J Nandakumar, President attended the meeting on our behalf. The Chairman offered 15% increase on pay slip components but was not positive on the other demands like merger of special allowance, increase of loading from 2%, 5 day banking etc. The UFBU took firm stand of moving ahead with 2 day strike starting tomorrow.

Comrades, we gathered information of spontaneous participation of employees and officers in large numbers in all the preparatory programme. The history of collective bargaining in the banking industry is the history of struggle. We are to struggle hard to achieve our just demands. We must take all endeavours to make country wide bank strike on 31st Jan and 1st Feb 2020 resounding success.


With greetings,

Yours comradely,
Sd/- Debasish Basu Chaudhury
General Secretary

Monday, January 27, 2020

Today there was a conciliation meeting by Chief Labour Commissioner.
IBA wanted unions to defer the strike after which they will call for further talks.
We refused.
CLC advised IBA to hold talks before the strike to try to resolve issue.
There was no commitment from IBA in this regard.
Hence go ahead with the strikes.

*Sanjeev Bandlish Convener UFBU and*
*(Debasish, BEFI)*

Monday, January 13, 2020


No:2020/006         10.01.2020

The Convener

United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU)


Dear Comrade,                                     Re: Updation of Basic Pension of Bank Retirees.

We request you to kindly refer to our letter no. 2020/003 dated 03.01.2020 offering some suggestions to achieve demand of updation in the forthcoming settlement.

 2. We now find that next round of negotiations is scheduled to be held on 13.01.2020. Further, on the basis of information we are getting from reliable sources that MOU on wage settlement may be signed shortly.

 3. However, at the same time, we find that on updation issue things are moving slow. Still there is no consensus on the name of Actuary among UFBU constituents to be suggested to IBA on cost study even after lapse of more than one month on IBA agreeing to engage common Actuary for the purpose of cost study on updation.

 4. In view of the slow development on the issue and as well as inputs we are getting, there is growing impression among retirees  that Updation demand may not be finalized before conclusion of the settlement and may be kept as pending issue under residual list  which need further discussion and negotiation.

5. We are afraid, in case of  the above development on updation, there will be unthinkable and unimaginable  frustration, anger and disappointment among lakhs and lakhs  of bank retirees. During last a few months, in view of positive developments on this front like sanction of updation by the government in RBI after waiting of more than 10 years, IBA agreeing to examine and discuss updation demand during the settlement, to engage independent actuary on consensus basis and most of UFBU constituents taking open stand to work and resolve updation issue during the settlement,  strong belief has developed  among retires that updation will become reality in the settlement.

6. You will kindly appreciate that majority of the retirees who need updation urgently are more than 70 years old. Many are above 80 and some of them are 90 years and above. In case they are asked to wait further on this demand, you can very well understand and  appreciate their level of frustration  and anger which  is likely to become uncontrollable and  which may create huge dent and setback to entire retiree movement which has given new hope and confidence not only to the existing retirees but lakhs of employees who are going to retire in next few  years.  We are of the view that this demand has larger magnitude and consequences which cannot  be  narrowed down in some arithmetic data. It will not be out of place to mention that along with bank retirees , lakhs and lakhs of retirees from financial sector like LIC, GIC, Insurance companies retiree are also keenly watching on the development on updation issue in this settlement in banking industry.

6. It is strong feelings among retirees that issues kept under residual list are  normally unduly delayed for long period and most of the times they are addressed after 5 years in next settlement.

7. We humbly request UFBU leadership to take all possible steps  to ensure that the updation demand is sanctioned before signing of the settlement. You will kindly agree that this time , this demand has reached very close to the settlement due to the efforts of UFBU leadership, sustainable campaign of retiree organisations and overall environment and government mood and stand on this issue. We are of the view that this is now achievable  with some strategy and cooperation and support of UFBU. In view of this, AIBRF strongly feel that this demand can be clinched and request UFBU leadership to consider waiting for some extra period if  needed for completion of cost study and negotiation with IBA.

8. We have given several suggestions on updation demand for your consideration in our above referred letter. We request you to kindly consider them in the forthcoming meeting of UFBU to be held before next round of negotiation.

          With Greetings,
         Yours Sincerely,   
C.C. to All Constituents of UFBU