Saturday, August 27, 2016

Gratuity for Employees under NPS!

There was a talk that employees under NPS scheme are not entitled for Gratuity.
This was mentioned in the initial document of NPS scheme .
Later it was clarified , in parliament, that all employees are eligible to get Gratuity.
(I have posted the speech on Minister at that time)
Even then some section of employees are having doubts over eligibility.
Here is the official written document to confirm the eligibility for Employees under NPS scheme.
Hence Bank employees who joined on or after 01.04.2010 are eligible to get Gratuity as like employees under Old Pension Scheme.

Friday, August 26, 2016

With the continuous struggle and fight by the union's over years, Banks have started recruitment from 2009, after a gap of 15 years.

By these recruitments around 4.5 lac educated youth have entered into the Banking sector in the last 8 years.
(SBI and SBI associate Banks recruitment figures to be added )

From the above table , you may notice that number of recruits is drastically decreased for 2016-17 &2017-18 compared to previous years.

Does it mean that Banks are cautious on recruitment with "merger of Banks" in mind?
(It is quite unfortunate that Indian Bank's numbers are '0' for 2017-2018)

Moreover SBI associate Banks are going to be merged with SBI.
It is everybody's knowledge that there will be no recruitment in united SBI for atleast three years.

Who is at loss because of these developments?

It is unfortunate "educated unemployed youth".

Who is to fight for these youngsters , who are our brothers, sisters, son and daughters.?

It is only we , the existing employees (including the 4.5 lac employees recruited in proceeding years.)

Hence let us participate in the strike,
and make Sep.02nd Strike a grand success.

Friday, August 19, 2016


SBI Merger:

Employees to get 15 days to decide between VRS and SBI job


Employees of associate banks will get only 15 days to decide whether to accept a new job with the State Bank of India or opt for voluntary retirement via an ‘option letter’ that will given to them as part of the merger of India’s largest bank with its four associates.

The terms and conditions regarding employees and their salaries also mention that these employees will get compensation that will be ‘no less favorable’ than what they were getting in their existing jobs prior to the transfer to the SBI.