Monday, October 31, 2022

 D.A rate from

November 2022 to January 2023:

Total= 38.92%

(36.82%+increase 2.10%)

Total Slabs: 556

(526+increase 30)

(No change for Pensioners)

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Friday, October 14, 2022

 It is good to know active and meaningful discussion is going on for 5 day Banking.

Now award staff unions gave their proposal on 5 day banking.

We have to wait for officer's unions proposal.

Apart from this, IBA will consult  with other stake holders i.e Govt. and Customer bodies like FICCI etc.,

It will take some time to finalise the terms and implement.

Hope for the best and earliest implementation.

In the meantime various views emerge from employees about

1. Increase of working hours

2. Prefix or suffix the increased working hour.

3. Allocation of hours for Cash transactions and non cash transactions. etc,

Regarding working hours: 

Total days in a year is = 364

Monday to Friday  260 days

Saturdays.                52 days

Sundays.                   52 days

Up to May 2015:

Mon. To Fri.= 260×6.5 hr per day 

=1690 hr

Saturdays = 52×4 hr per day

= 208 hr

Total = 1898 hrs.

After May 2015:

Mon. To Fri.= 260×6.5 hr per day 

=1690 hr

Saturdays = (52-24)=28×6.5 hr per day

= 182 hr

Total = 1872 hrs.

As per present proposal:

Mon. to Fri. = 260×7 hr per day

= 1820 hrs.

As per above facts, I think opposing increase in working hours may not be correct.

Regarding suffixing half an hour, Unions think Female comrades will find it difficult to reach home lately.

Allocation of hours for Cash/non cash transaction may be finalised after getting IBA/Customer views.

Finally, I remind you that the subject is in preliminary stage.

We have to overcome hurdles posed by Industry/Business lobby and Govt. of India.

At last a ray of light is visible after a long dark tunnel, that is good sign.