Friday, July 31, 2015

D.A. Increase!

D.A. Increase for Aug, Sep, Oct 2015:
(On B.P.+Spl.Pay+Spl.Allowance+P.Q.P)

27 Slabs (2.70%)
Total= 364 Slabs (36.4%)

D.A Increase for Aug 2015 to Jan 2016 to Pensioners:
31 Slabs(3.10%)
Total= 364 Slabs (36.4%)
Those retired in 9th B.P.S.:
Increase =4.65%


Indian Bank will disburse 10th B.P.S. Arrears Payment

Monday, July 27, 2015


                                                             IBA CIRCULAR:
HR & Industrial Relations                                                                         July 25, 2015

Designated Officers of Member Banks which are parties to the BPS

Dear Sir/Madam,


1. Paternity Leave:

Clause 32 of the X Bipartite Settlement provides the benefit of Paternity Leave w.e.f.

1.6.2015 to male employees with less than two surviving children for 15 days during his
wife’s confinement and may be combined with any other kind of leave except Casual Leave.
The leave may be availed upto 15 days before or upto 6 months from the date of delivery of
the child.

The leave may be granted to an employee even where the date of delivery of

the child was prior to 1.6.2015, provided, however, that the leave is availed within six
months from the date of delivery. Further, the leave shall be sanctioned 15 days before the
delivery or up to 6 months after the delivery.

2. Leave Fare Concession:

Clause 19 (iv) of IX Bipartite Settlement dated 27.4.2010 provided that an employee

encashing the facility of Leave Fare Concession shall proceed on leave for a minimum period
of one day.

Clause 19 (iv) of X Bipartite Settlement dated 25.5.2015 does not have this

provision and hence with effect from 1.6.2015, employees may be allowed the facility of
encashing of Leave Fare Concession without the requirement of availing Leave for this

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Saturday Holiday issue

Com. K.K. Nair, Chairman, UFBU informs........

" There is no truth in the previous news of Saturday Leave from 25.07.2015.

Required approval from the appropriate authorities is yet to be received by IBA."

Monday, July 13, 2015

AIBEA claim on 10TH B.P.S.!!

Central Committee meeting of AIBEA was held at Rajkot in Gujarat on 8th and 9th July, 2015.

10th BP Settlement hailed:  A detailed reporting was made about the salient features of the recently signed 10th BP Settlement and the significant improvement in the various service conditions besides increase in wages of the employees.  After deliberations, the CC adopted a Resolution as under:

“The Central Committee meeting of AIBEA held at Rajkot on 8th and 9th July, 2015, after detailed perusal of the 10th BP Settlement welcomes the Settlements as a significant achievement in improving the wages and service conditions of the bank employees.  Continuation of the collectively bargained uniform industry-level Settlement on wages and service conditions and overcoming the attempts to foist  bankwise wage agreements are major achievements. 
Substantial increase in the emoluments of the employees as compared to the previous settlements is a salient feature of the Settlement.  The CC also notes that all other service conditions have been satisfactorily improved upon. More importantly, achievement of a new scheme providing for full reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses is a major achievement. Getting it extended to all existing retirees is another salient feature.m

Friday, July 10, 2015

How wage negotiations in LIC are progressing?

How wage negotiations in LIC are progressing?
Thursday, May 21, 2015
A joint meeting of the Unions / Associations in LIC was held on 14th May 2015 i.e. Thursday at Bengaluru to discuss the issues of wage-revision, one more option for pension and other allied matters. The unions which participated in this meeting were NOINO, Class-I Federation, NFIFWI, AIIEA, Class-III Federation, BVKS, NOIW(BMS) & NOIW. Other unions also joined subsequently.

The meeting unanimously decided to fight unitedly to achieve a decent wage-revision and offer of one more option for pension. It was decided to address a joint letter to the Chairman, LIC on the issues which was written and signed by the participating unions then and there. The unions also released a joint statement on 18.05.2015 requesting all Officers, Development Officers and Employees of the Corporation to participate whole heartedly in the agitational programmes as chalked out by the unions jointly. As per decision, one day strike will be observed in July 2015 preceded by conventional programmes. The actual date of the strike will be decided later on.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Joint Front – Programmes of agitation

A joint call has been given by unions to observe following programmes of agitation to press the (LIC) management for early settlement of a reasonable wage-revision and allied matters:

17th & 24th June 2015 : Lunch-hour demonstrations before all offices
1st July 2015 : Badge wearing and Lunch-hour demonstrations
7th July 2015 : Lunch-hour demonstrations
8th July 2015 : One day strike

Vide their joint appeal dated June 10, 2015; the unions have requested all classes of employees to participate in above programmes of agitation very actively and make the programmes very successful so that a decent wage-revision (etc.) and another pension option can be achieved.
As per decisions taken earlier by joint front of unions in LIC, officers and employees were to go on one day strike on 8th July 2015 besides other agitational programmes to secure a good wage revision and one more pension option.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

DBOO STRUGGLE Continues for more than 25 days!

Name of Union : All India Bank Officers’ Confederation
Represented by : Shri Harvinder Singh, General Secretary
The Chairman,
Indian Banks’ Association,
World Trade Center,
Cuffe Parade, Mumbai,
In accordance with the provisions contained in Sub-section (1) of Section 22 of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, we, hereby, give notice that all the members of all the Affiliates of All India Bank Officers’ Confederation, working in various offices / branches in Kerala State, propose to go on strike of two days i.e. on 15th July, 2015 and 16th July, 2015 for the reasons explained in the annexure.
1) Dhanlaxmi Bank Management should revoke the termination order issued to Mohanan P. V., General Secretary, Dhanalakshmi Bank Officers’ Organisation (President, AIBOC Kerala State and Vice- President AIBOC) on 11th June 2015.
And other issues.

Monday, July 6, 2015


AIBEA Circular Date :  6th July, 2015
Dear Comrades,
Recently Govt. of India has issued the Gazette notification for the Census as of 2011.  It is the 15th Census in India beginning from 1872 and 7th since our independence.
Some data from the Census:
F     Population as per this Census in 2011: 121,01,93,422
F     Rank: No. 2 with 17.5% of world population ( 1st is China: 19%)
F     No. of Districts: 640
F     Most populace State : UP
F     Least populous State: Sikkim
F     Most populated metro : Mumbai : 1,84,14,288
F     Most Literate State : Kerala ( 94 %)
F     Least Literate State : Bihar  ( 64 %)
F     Sex Ratio :  940 Female : 1000 Male
F     Literacy of Male :    82.14 %
F     Literacy of Female : 65.46 %
F     Highest populace District: Thane, Mumbai
F     100 % Literacy District : Palakkad, Kerala
F     100 % Banking State : Kerala
F     100 % Banking District : Palakkad
F     Increase in population from last census in 2001 to 2011: 18.1 crore
Some disturbing facts:

Friday, July 3, 2015

7th CPC Expected Pay-Media Hype:

GConnect ( a central Govt., employees news website)
“Missing information will always be misleading”

7th Pay Commission news – Media require specialised approach rather than a hype

After 7CPC itself announced in last week of June 2015 to the effect that it has started finalising the report to be submitted to the Govt, News on 7th Pay Commission has started becoming popular.

It would be Needless to say all Government Employees would be interested in 7th CPC report. Though common man may not show much interest in the elaboration and technicalities of 7CPC report, he/she will also be curious to know the quatum of increase in Pay of Central Government Employees in General. At the same time, a common man will always be depending on various News media such as News Prints and Television channels to get these type of news.

But we could see that Pay Commission related news provided by News Media nowadays are misleading in the sense that they are only projecting the number of times the pay was hiked by previous Pay commissions and likely hike by 7th Pay Commission.

Missing information will always be misleading

For instance, it was reported by a daily news paper recently, which was quoted later by many blogs that Govt Salaries are set to increase by 2 to 3 times