Thursday, March 7, 2013


Unwarranted provocations and attacks on trade union rights in State Bank of India

Genesis of the Issue:
The new Chairman took charge of the bank during April 2011. In May 2011, there was a meeting between the leaders of the Federation /Circle Association wherein we had been assured to look into all the outstanding issues with the Federation and a few issues were flagged for urgent consideration.
Ø  Since then there was no real progress in addressing the issues though a few meeting was held.
Ø  The Federation was compelled to issue a strike notice to strike on 8th and 10th November 2011. The strike was withdrawn on 5th November 2011 on the assurance of the management that discussions will remain and positive view will be taken on all the issues.
Ø  Contrary to the assurances the top Management’s attitude towards the Federation changed and every action of Federation was treated with disdain.
Ø  Top Management personnel in all the Circles who used to participate in Association functions have now withdrawn from participation at the direction of the Chairman.
Ø  All bi-partite forums like Central/Circle Negotiating Councils were not conducted at regular intervals.

Present Crisis:-
Ø  During August  22nd  and  23rd of 2012 United Forum of Bank Unions called for a strike on number of issues including 5 day week in banking  Sector, in which we participated.
Ø  When there was so much of aspiration amongst the membership for 5 day week, the announcement by the Chairman of having seven day banking in State Bank of India came as a rude shock.
Ø  There was a spontaneous expression of the apprehension by the membership and to bring to the attention of the top Management a peaceful lunch time demonstration was conducted all over the country  in administrative offices on 28th August 2012.