Sunday, July 29, 2012

10th B.P.S demand by NUBE!

NUBE has finalised charter of demand for 10th B,P,S.

Note: NUBE is headed by Com.L. Balasubramaniam of I.O.B. He was Ex. President of  NCBE.
         NUBE has requested UFBU to include them in UFBU. The request is under consideration stage only..

To read the demands click the following Link.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Compensation to the family of Bank Employees ,killed in bank robberies etc.!!,

Revised Government Guidelines regarding compensation to the family of bank employees who are killed in bank robberies, terrorist incidents.

1.   In case of death of an employee as a result of or during bank robbery or attacks by terrorists, including left-wing extremism on bank employees, the family of deceased will be given compensation by the bank as follows:

  In case of death of Officers                      :  Rs.  20 Lacs
  In case of death of Clerical/Sub Staff      :  Rs.  10 Lacs....continued