Friday, January 29, 2016

D.A. from FEB 2016

D.A. Increase for 
Feb, Mar & Apr 2016:
28 Slabs =2.80%
Total 426 Slabs=42.60%
For Retirees:
Increase 62 Slabs=6.20%
Total 426 Slabs=42.60%

Sunday, January 17, 2016

L.I.C. wage revision notification issued!

Govt. has notified the wage revision for L.I.C employees.
L.I.C. Management issued circulars for payment for arrears from 01.08.2012.

Till 1990 L.I.C. wages are far below Bank employees wages .
Slowly and steadily they have touched us, crossed us and now gone beyond reach now.

My sincere Greetings to the union of L.I.C., particularly the majority union "AIIEA"

I give below the comparison table for your information.
L.I.C. employees may analyse and point out any mistake in calculation/concept. I may correct it.

Highlights of L.I.C. Wage Settlement!
D.A. Merger upto the date of expiry of settlement date!
In Banks One year D.A. is retained instead of merging!

15.95% Loading on Basic Pay!
No cap on loading (2%) like Banking Sector!
25.60% INCREASE in Pay Slip component!
In Banks it is 15%!
No Reduction of Pension due to Wage Revision and Incremental Commutation!
Pension, Commutation, Gratuity all are increased Substantially after wage revision!
In Banks Pension is reduced by more than 10% instead of Increase!
Gratuity as per Regulations, Surpass Maximum limit as per act (10,00,000)!
Many more positive points, which L.I.C employees may explain well!

Those who wish to read full settlement may go to the following link

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bank Officer Beaten!

Malhandling of a lady officer Ms Archana Verma by a pension account holder 
Mr Ernest Balowr.

1. Date of incident: 07.12.2015
2. Time of incident: post lunch
3. Place: Union Bank Mughalsarai branch
4. Incident: malhandling of a lady officer Ms Archana Verma by a pension account holder 
Mr Ernest Balowr.
5. FIR lodged by the officer in personal capacity on that day and BH/CM H K Das not
 taken any pain to lodge the FIR on behalf of Bank.
6. Mr Ernest was arrested and got the bail after 10 days from the court of law.
7. Lady officer had informed the RH Varanasi, Association people, GM P.

Strile by AIBEA ON 08.01.2016


CIRCULAR No. UFBU/2016/53                                                      Date : 06-01-2016


Members are aware that agitation has been declared by All India Bank Employees’ Association in the Associate Banks of State Bank of India, opposing the attempts of the respective Bank Managements to alter and amend the service conditions of the employees overlooking the provisions relating to service conditions as agreed under industry level Bipartite Settlements between the workmen unions and the Indian Banks’ Association. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

IBA circular on Pension for CRS/Removal/Discharged Employees!


No. HR&IR/CIR/2015-16/MI/1852
December 23, 2015

Chief Executives of Member banks which are parties to Bipartite Settlement dated 10.4.2002.

Dear Sir,

Special Leave Petition No. 17054/2009 before the Hon’ble Supreme Court – Bank of Baroda vs. S.K. Kool – Supreme Court decision dated 11.12.13 against the Bank – Review Petition (C) No. 2344/2014 & (2) SLP No. 11443/2014 Bank of Baroda vs. G. Sukla before the Supreme Court.

We refer to our Circular No. CIR/HR&IR/KU/MI/1004 dated 30.6.2015 regarding treatment of cases in which an employee who is imposed with punishment of “removed with superannuation benefits” under Clause 6(b) of the Bipartite Settlement dated 10.4.2002/27.5.2002 on “Disciplinary Action & Procedure therefor for Workmen” in view of the above captioned Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgement. Member banks were advised to consider implementation of the said judgement in such cases.

We have been receiving queries from member banks seeking clarifications as to whether the award staff employees who are imposed with punishment of “compulsorily retired” (6c) and “discharged from service” (6d) are also covered under the above judgement.

We have examined the matter and are of the view that employees imoposed with punishment of “removal”, “compulsory retirement” and “Discharge” as per Clause 6 (b) (c) and (d) of Settlement dated 10.4.2002 are to be considered with superannuation benefits, i.e. Pension and/or PF and Gratuity as would be due otherwise under the Rules or Regulations.

Yours faithfully,

K. Unnikrishnan
Deputy Chief Executive

Backround Information:
UFBU signed an exclusive Settlement on 10-4-2002 containing the provisions on Disciplinary Action and Procedure thereof.  Under this Settlement, for proved Gross Misconduct, the following punishments have been prescribed under Clause 6.

  • 6 (b) be removed from service with superannuation benefits i.e.