Tuesday, February 12, 2019

All India Bank Officer's Confederation

Letter to UFBU convenor

Ref No. AIBOC/2019/21

 Date: 11.02.2019

The Convenor
United Forum of Bank Unions

Dear Sir,

We invite your attention to a press report covering an address of Com. C H Venkatachalam, GS,
AIBEA in a meeting organized by its U.P. State Unit at Kanpur, wherein, he has reportedly
categorically declared that UFBU will be vertically split with award staff union and more specially
AIBEA will sign the wage settlement before announcement of the schedule of the General
Elections by the Election Commission. He has also reportedly stated that as per his estimates,
the present offer of IBA is more in quantitative terms than the quantum paid in the 10th Bipartite
settlement. He has also stated that the Officers’ Associations are creating impediment to the

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Bipartite Talks held with iba today.

Offer improved to 10%.
We did not agree.

(IBA offered 6.2% increase, apart from 10% .
But this 6.2% is variable component based on performance/profit.)

IBA agreed that new payyscales will be by merger of DA at 6352 points.

There were discussions on mandate issue but it was inconclusive .

Circular follows.
Dear Comrades,
 Bipartite Talks with IBA
Another round of Bipartite Talks was held today in Mumbai between IBA and
our 5 Workman Unions.
IBA was represented by Mr. Rakesh Sharma, (MD of IDBI Bank), Chairman
of the Small Negotiating Committee, Mr. V G Kannan, Chief Executive, IBA,
Mrs. Reeta Kaul, GM-HR, PNB, Mr. Iswar Chandra Mishra, GM-HR, Bank of
India, Mr. B Rajkumar, Dy. Chief Executive, IBA, Mr. Sanjay Prakash DGM-
HR, SBI, Mr S K Kakkar, Sr Advisor-HR, IBA and Mr. K. S Chauhan, Sr Vice
President, IBA. We were represented by our five Workman Unions.
Further to the discussions held on 18-1-2019, some more issues were
discussed today.
• Transportation of personal effects by train or road while on transfer
from one station to another: Some improvements would be
considered looking to entitlement of officers.
• Increase in Breakage Allowance while on transportation of personal
effects: agreed to increase the existing entitlement by 10% for both
With Receipt Basis and Declaration Basis.
• Festival Advance to employees – increase in quantum: Agreed to
finalise it by discussion in the main negotiating committee and
recommend to the Government.
• Problems of Ex-servicemen employees in fitment, etc: Government
guidelines from the Finance Ministry are being implemented. Circular
with FAQ will be prepared and sent to all Banks for proper
implementation of the Government guidelines.
• Definition of family for coverage under Group Medical Insurance Policy
– Any two of parents or parents-in-law to be covered: Matter will be
taken up with United India Insurance Company.
• Privilege Leave taken on sick grounds where sick leave is exhausted
should not be counted as an occasion in the entitlement of 4 occasions
in an year: Agreed.
• Maternity Leave can be availed in combination and continuation of
other kinds of leave: Agreed.

Follow up action in issues covered by Record Note on retirees issues dated
• LFC for retired employees – IBA is not in favour.
• Fixing the premium on medical insurance scheme for retirees –
Separate discussions will be held with UFBU.
• Increase in Ex-Gratia Pension to pre-1986 retirees/spouses – will be
recommended to Government.
• Revision of Family Pension – will be discussed further in the full
negotiating committee.
• Updation of pension and periodical revision in pension along with wage
revision for in-service employees - will be discussed further in the full
negotiating committee.
• Revision in DA on pension on quarterly basis like serving employees -
will be discussed further in the full negotiating committee.
• Allocation of fund for Staff Welfare Schemes based on Operating Profits
instead of Net Profit – matter has been recommended to Government
and their decision is awaited.
Issues relating to Disciplinary Action and Procedure:
• These issues were discussed in a Small Committee of IBA and Workman
Unions. The gist of the discussions, the issues raised by us and their
response are given below:
• Eligibility for claiming TA/DA by the Defence Representatives for
attending departmental enquiries held outside the State.
➢ Such claims will be sanctioned by Banks looking to the merits of the
• Improvement and enhancement in rates of Subsistence
Allowance payable to employees on suspension.
➢ Matter will be discussed further in the Full Negotiating Committee
• Indiscriminate use of Clause 5(j) relating to acts alleged as
prejudicial to the interest of the Bank
➢ “Doing any act prejudicial to the interest of the Bank” will be included
under Minor Misconduct as a new Clause 7(q).
• Clarification with regard to provision of Clause 6(e) of
Settlement dt 10-4-2002 i.e. bringing down by two stages in the
scale of pay
➢ The specific period of rigour shall be mentioned in the punishment order.
It can be for a maximum of 2 years without cumulative effect and annual
increment/stagnation increment falling due during the rigour period will
be released on respective due dates.

• Clarification to be given that acts of minor misconducts clearly
enumerated under Clause 7 of Settlement dated 10.4.2002
should not be brought as major misconduct under Clause 5.
➢ Unions’ contention is agreed upon.
• Multiple charges for one incident should not be made out.
➢ Multiple charges, as per the procedural lapses, can be made for one
incident. However, punishment given shall be only one.
• Punishment order by the Disciplinary Authority not to be
implemented till the final disposal of Appeal by the Appellate
➢ This proposal was not agreed to.
• Disciplinary action should not be taken after retirement quoting
Pension Regulation as the same is not provided in Bipartite
➢ Issue needs to be discussed at Full Negotiating Committee
• Awarding the punishment of stoppage of increments should be
without affecting superannuation benefits, as in the case of
➢ Disciplinary Authority may be given the discretion to decide whether
the punishment will affect superannuation benefit or not.
• Provision to be added for making an Appeal against suspension
of employees
➢ Suspension is not a punishment and hence this proposal cannot be
• In cased of dismissal as punishment, there should be a Review
Authority after Appellate Authority.
➢ Not acceptable.
• Imposing ‘Fine’ as punishment should be deleted from the list of
➢ Agreed to recommend deletion to the Full Negotiating Committee

With greetings,
Yours comradely,
 Sd. Sd.. Sd.. Sd.. Sd..
C H Venkatachalam S K Bandlish C J Nandakumar Subhash Sawant Upendrakumar