Monday, July 3, 2017

Dear Comrades,


Meeting of UFBU was held today at Mumbai. Com.K.K. Nair, Chairman of UFBU presided
over the meeting.

Wage Revision:

The meeting deliberated on the issue of our Charter of Demands
submitted to IBA and the discussions held so far. The meeting felt that the entire process
of discussions should be undertaken on a recurring and continuous basis in order to
complete the settlement in time. Holding meetings once in a month will not serve the
purpose and hence decided to urge upon the IBA to expedite the discussions so that steps
can be taken to conclude the final settlement in time.

Restrictions in negotiations:

The meeting expressed its strong protest on the decision of
the IBA to restrict the negotiations on Charter of Demands of Officers' Associations up to
Scale-III only and demanded that as hitherto, the discussions and final Joint Note should
cover all Officers up to Scale-VII inasmuch as the majority of these officers are members
of their respective unions and the wage revision exercise which has been a composite one
so far, should not be divided now which will create inter-scale conflicts and inequalities.
It was decided to pursue the matter with the IBA, if necessary and warranted, resort to
organisational programmes at the appropriate time.

Banking industry :
 increasing challenges:

The meeting deliberated in detail about the
developments taking place in the banking sector in the name of implementing the banking
reforms agenda of the Government. The meeting observed that instead of taking urgent
remedial measures to recover the alarmingly increasing bad loans in the Banks which are
threatening to drive the Banks into a serious crisis, the steps like MOU, PCA, FRDI Bill,
NPA Ordnance, IBC, etc. are only aimed to clean the Balance Sheets at the cost of the
Banks which represent the hard earned savings of the people rather than to recover the
money. On the other hand, while denying the Public Sector Banks of adequate capital
thus restricting their business expansion, freely licences are being given to the corporate
houses to open private banks, small banks, payment banks, etc. thus weakening the
Public Sector Banks. The meeting felt that very tough measures are required including
criminal action on wilful defaulters to recover the huge bad loans given to the corporate
houses, big business and top industrialists. It was also observed that the burden of the
corporate NPAs are put on the shoulders of the common public and banking clientele in
the form of hike in fees, charges, penalties, etc. for every type of normal banking services.

The meeting decided to launch struggle programme on the following demands and issues:

1. Do not privatise Public Sector Banks
2. Stop plans of mergers and consolidation of Banks
3. Do not write off corporate Non-Performing Assets(NPAs)
4. Declare wilful Default of Bank loans as criminal offence
5. Implement recommendations of Parliamentary Committee on recovery of NPAs
6. Ensure accountability of Top Management/Executives for bad loans and put in
place stringent measures to recover bad loans.
7. Withdraw proposed FRDI Bill
8. Abolish Banks Board Bureau
9. Do not pass on the burden of corporate NPAs on bank customers by hiking charges
10. Do not increase Service Charges in the name of GST
11. Reimbursement of cost of demonetization and other Government Schemes to Banks
by the Government.
12. Settle issues of Employees and Officers connected with demonetisation scheme.
13. Immediately fill up posts of Employee/Officer Director(s) in Bank(s)
14. Implement Compassionate Appointment Schemes in Banks as per Government
15. Removal of Gratuity Ceiling under Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 & Total
Exemption of Income Tax on Gratuity and Leave Encashment on retirement
16. Pension related issues Improvements in Pension Scheme similar to
RBI/Central Government including for past retirees - Extension of erstwhile
Pension Scheme in banks in lieu of NPS - Follow-up of Record Note dated
17. Adequate Recruitment in all cadres


19TH JULY 2017

22ND AUGUST 2017



Details of the agitational programme will be sent to you in due course of time

Comrades, on the one hand we have to settle the wage revision and achieve our demands
in time and on the other we have to oppose and resist these anti-people banking reforms.

We are sure that all our Unions and entire rank and file will rise to the occasion and make
the struggle and programme a GRAND SUCCESS.

With greetings,



Kochu said...

Kochu said...

guys wake up

vikram said...

Ye union wale isi tarah sirf circular nikal kr bhonkte hai punch hilane wale kutte ki tarah inse kuch hoga nhi levy lene k alawa aur tankha karwane k alaw

Unknown said...

Why 2 days strike why not indefinite with shutting down all servers and atma and mobile banking next eggs.

Hai dum union walo ? If yes then we r with u for indefinite strike with shutting down all servers, otherwise don't make us fool

Sanju said...
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Sanju said...
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Anonymous said...

Buddhe union walon tumse kuch nhi hoga ye saale sirf apni pension badhwane ke chakkar me hain

krishna said...

Pls make young officers as union chairman n leaders, bcs the retiring old people don't fight for well being of workmen n officers. They only think their personal benefits. Please encourage young officers as union leases who thinks for the well being of all workers.

charan said...

Indefinite strike is the right agenda and only agenda to achieve our demands.

sarath annameti said...

Indefinite strike is good thing.. officers working hours is very important in this settlement..

sarath annameti said...

Indefinite strike is good thing.. officers working hours is very important in this settlement..

S Chandra said...

Are you ready to take the lead?

What you say may have merits but what are the options, please highlight. You suggest "make young officer..."

My submission is who will make whom leaders? Volunteers need to come forward and take the baton from seniors. If you are the one or you know someone, ask him to take the lead. No one will coronate a leader. You need to fight your way out.

I am too waiting for such valiant warriors.

Meanwhile, the stop gap work is done by seniors whom youngsters can approach and learn the tricks of the trade before taking on the mantles.

But one needs to be certain about his commitment. He will get support.

Please locate someone and send him to the leaders with honest intent.


rajeevkojha said...

This has been a very good srart for Officers above scale IV.They will be free from the clutches of crooked and corrupt netas and will get decent pay rise.It is hoped that netas will be totally kicked out of the salary revision exercise and all bank officers will get decent salaries.So long netas are there they will never get any honourable revision in their salaries.

Anonymous said...

Want indefinite is the main pillar of our economy.but our salary and benefits far low from others..we saw at the time of demonitisation the hole nation stand in line before the bank.its clear that banking is a basic and very necessary service for our citizens..every one go to bank..10 years child to 100 years may much older senior why only we bank employees face the partialities..this is not fair..this is injustice to us.