Thursday, December 25, 2014

Write off to loan defaulters!

Nearly 50% of hard earned profit by 10 lakh  employees
is pocketed by Loan defaulters with assistant of policy makers.

It is stated in Parliament without any shy that Rs. One lakh crore was 
written off in the last 5 years for Loan defaulters.

When Bank employees demand for wage increase,
the same policy makers say "Sorry, no money to give"

The past and present PM/FM/IBA sang/sing the same song.

Ther is no other go for employees to sing the song well known to them.
That is " Struggle, Struggle and Strike"

Let us sing the song in one voice to pierce the deaf ears.

Our Hounourable Prime Minister is slated to meet Top Heads of Bankers
in the first week of January 2015

Let anybody close to him bring this to his attention. 

click the link and read full story.

PSU Banks write off more than Rs.One lakh crore for the benfit of Loan defaulters


Anonymous said...

This is right time to disolve IBA and UFBU. After then Govt. Of India to be decide bank's employees demands and working conditions as per salary structure with compare to central govt. Employees.

Unknown said...

None but our unions are responsible for our pitiable condition. They have no vision, no plan, No strategy, No counter comments.

Anonymous said...

Let us see..if our bosses open their mouth and put a word with modi on salary problems....we will see if their mouths are occupied by something or free to discuss our problems...this is the best opportunity..if they miss opportunity will come to directly inform the problems to modi...

Dhirendra said...

No one will discuss the salary issue with Mr PM, their future ED/CMD chair is on stake....

Raja said...

Enough is enough now... these guys both government and the association & union members knows the pain taken by a banker... Leaving his family and getting transferred to places where it is difficult to bring their families. The government fill up their vote banks with corporate benefit packages, loan waivers and other offers. In the end, we are the sufferers. No pay hike, lots of pressures and other headaches... After the farmers, now bankers are giving up their life due to this. Even we are not given the benefits of Pay Commission or even a small medical benefits.. ONLY TWO PEOPLES RULES IN INDIA, THE GOVERNMENT AND THE CORPORATE RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT.

Anonymous said...

Here is a news from Tamilnadu : Transport worker’s THREE years settlement (not five year settlement replacement for which must be ready SIX MONTHS BEFORE ITS EXPIRY) expired last year and for next ONE year there has been no progress.
They announced INDEFINITE strike from 29.12.2014 but started it on 28.12.2014 itself and brought govt to its knees with in FOUR DAYS.
They have no ‘associattions ‘ and ‘ufbus’….just some almost illiterate men manning a union with WELFARE OF WORKERS IN THEIR HEART.
Shame on our ‘unions ‘ and ‘associations’ and ‘ufbu’.