Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Press Statement issued by C P KRISHNAN/BEFI-TN

Press Statement issued by C P KRISHNAN, General Secretary, 
Ten Lakhs Bank Employees and Officers launch
Indefinite strikefrom 16th March 2015
The wage revision of the Bank employees and officers has become due from 
November 2012 as the earlier Five Year Settlement expired on 31.10.2012.  
The charter of demands has been submitted well in time and so far 15 rounds of
bilateral negotiations have been conducted between UFBU (United Forum of Bank Unions),
an umbrella organization of Nine Unions of workmen and officers representing
98% of the work force and IBA (Indian Banks’ Association),
the body of the Management of all the Banks.

So far Five days Strike have been observed in

December 2013 (one day),
Feb 2014 (2 days),
November 2014 (one day) and
relay strike in Dec 2014 (1 day).
But both the previous UPA Government and the present NDA Government have been
adamant not to concede the reasonable demands of the Bank Staff.  
Thus despite all the efforts and exhibition of flexible approach on the part of the work force
to settle the demands through peaceful negotiations,
the obstinate and adamant stand of the IBA and the Government have forced the
Bank employees and officers to resort to agitation and strikes repeatedly.

While the UFBU scaled down its demand from 25%f to 23% of the pay slip component,
the IBA did not move upwards from the 11% from June 2014. 
 It is worthwhile to note that during the earlier wage revision there was an increase of 17.5%
on the total load of the wages.

The important demands of the work force include

drastic improvement of Pension scheme including Pension updation,
scrapping of New Pension Scheme,
Regulated working hours for officers,
five days banking etc.  

But IBA keeps on repeating its anti-employees demands like

power to transfer workmen anywhere in the State,
Cost to Company including introduction of variable pay,
power to proceed against the employee even after retirement,
power to prematurely retire an employee after 30 years of service or 55 years of age
whichever is earlier etc.

Therefore the UFBU which met at Mumbai today has decided to call for

and if the issue remained still unresolved

Thus Ten Lakhs Bank employees and officers working in more than 85000 Branches all over the country will observe the strike as per the call of the UFBU.
This series of strikes has been forced upon the Bank employees and officers.  We regret the inconvenience that may be caused to the customers due to this strike and request the general public to support the just cause of the Bank employees and officers.

General Secretary

The Chief Reporter,

We request you to cover the above statement in your esteemed media.

Yours faithfully,

General Secretary


Anonymous said...

Don't go for strike. It is not a good tool. Call Gandhi ji. Boycott the call for account opening on Saturday. Non Cooperation is the only tool to teach a lesson to the rulers. Let the government plans fail.

Dhirendra said...

Media have no time to show other news than Modi ji jai ho........

Anonymous said...

good decision

Unknown said...

wooo... nw we will talk business to IBA...

HARISH M H said...

Why again one day and two day strikes?
When they are not responding to our earlier strikes we should know that they don't care about our strikes. Simply we are only giving them time up to march. It is already late. If we really want to go for indefinite strike we should go early in January itself.

Unknown said...

This is a befi circular, not UFBU, so I do not think it will materialise.

Anonymous said...

So its the same drama once again. Why again one day strike? We all know pretty well that one and two days strike are big failures, well nigh emabarassing for a common banker. Media does not even find it worth reporting, what kind of strike are we resorting to by keeping all the ATMs full and netbanking working fine. The only stakeholder loosing someting is the common banker who has to shell out his hard earned salary. The bankers have been reduced to a laughing stock, and the Unions call it a resounding success.

Anonymous said...

Even after 2 years the wage settlement is not done. In any organisation interim relief is given to help the employees. How can employees survive in this age of high prices.

Anonymous said...

Whether Bank employees donot come under Essential Services. If banks remain closed for six days 21 jan to 26 jan and ATM closer on 18 n 19 jan it will create huge loss to the Nation. Very bad.