Monday, November 16, 2020

 Why concept of  loading on Basic Pay is significant?

As all of us know if less percentage of loading means reducing post retirement benefits.

Up to 9th BPS around 10+ percentage is loaded on B.P.

In 10th it was 2% and 11th it is 2.5%

Our Pension/NPS/Commutation/Gratuity all calculated on the basis of Basic Pay.

If reduced all the above benefits will reduced.

I attached a calculation, showing how pension reduced after commutation instead of increasing.

Some tall leaders argue that "don't commute, your Pension will not be reduced".

I doubt the soundness of their mind. 

I think employees are well versed with mathematics than these leaders.

Let them answer one simple question.

Why pension not reduced up to 9th BPS?

Employees retired in 9th BPS got more Pension and more commutation amount than those retired in 8th BPS?

But, why this did not happened for retirees of 10th and 11 BPS?

Even after getting 2 more stagnation increments retrospectively, 11 BPS retirees will not get more pension than their counterparts in earlier BPS.

Do they argue loading of 2% or 10% does not affect post retirement benefits?

Employees under NPS also will be affected in the same way, but calculation are different.

Their loss will be more than the senior employees under Pension option.

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Unknown said...

Not only sufficient Loading on BP but reducing DA Calculation formula without increasing sufficient loading on BP