Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Old and New Salary calculation!

H.R.A calculated @ 10.25%(7.5%) on Basic+Spl.Pay+PQP.

D.A. calculated @ 23.8% (81.8%) for the month of Nov.2020, on

Spl.Allow. calculated at 16.4% (7.75%) on Basic Pay only.

F.P.P is fixed amount, does not attract D.A+H.R.A.
A portion of it Rs.1992(1310) taken for P.F. deduction .
One correction
NPS deduction for new employee is 10% (10%) Basic Pay+ D.A=
Rs.2463new /2377old



RAM said...

What about passing power increase

Anonymous said...

11112020 is Black day for bank employees these bc union leaders betrayal

Mahesh said...

What about gratuity for resined clerk after Nov 2017