Sunday, June 21, 2015

Strike/Issues in various Banks!


“Dhanalaxmi Bank:: 

Strained Industrial Relations prevail in Dhanalaxmi Bank since last one year
due to the adamant and recalcitrant attitude of the bank management.
The efforts made by the 
Dhanalaxmi Bank Officers Organisation (DBOO) to settle the issues through bilateral negotiations failed.
The relations strained further after the DBOO resorted to a whistle blowing to expose a high 
value fraud in one of its Mumbai branches.
The DBOO demanded not only a forensic audit into the 
scam but also on the indiscriminate appointments made in the Bank in the last two years. 
The DBOO alleges that the real culprits, the bigwigs of the bank, are left scot-free whereas the officebearersof the DBOO are victimised for whistle blowing and its General Secretary even facing a lifethreat.
Moreover, the management of Dhanalaxmi Bank unfortunately putting aside the interest of
the Bank with its vindictive and atrocious action, has unceremoniously terminated the services of Com. P V Mohanan, the General Secretary of DBOO.
Resultantly, at the call of DBOO, the agitating
officers are on Indefinite Strike since 13th instant. The All India Bank Officers’ Confederation(AIBOC), to which the DBOO is affiliated, is in full support to the genuine cause of the agitatingofficers of Dhanalaxmi Bank and it is also reported that the Kerala State Committee of AIBOC hasdecided to start an indefinite hunger strike in front of the Head Office of the Dhanalaxmi Bank.

Bank of Maharashtra:: 

It is observed that despite appreciable performance of Public Sector Banks
in all the Government Sponsored Schemes, since nationalisation, including the recently introduced
Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan Yojana, Insurance Scheme, etc.,
the bank employees are subjected to 
unwarranted harassment and targeted for no reason.
In an unprecedented move, the Maharashtra 
Police has booked the Branch Manager of
Bank of Maharashtra as responsible for the suicide of a 
The Bank of Maharashtra Officers’ Organisation (BOMOO) took strong exception to the
action of the bank management in suspending the official even before the FIR pertaining to
abetment of suicide was lodged against the said official and demanded for escalating the matter withthe highest level in the Government and other concerned bodies
AIBEA calls for All India Strike on 24th June 2015:: 

State Sector Bank Employees Association, the umbrella forum of AIBEA wing of workmen employees unions in Associate Banks of SBI gave a call for one day strike in all Associate Banks on the 4th instant in pursuance of their demands and the strike was successful. Inasmuch as the issues remain unresolved, the All India Bank Employees’ Association (AIBEA) has given a call to all its members for All India Strike in all the Banks on 24thJune 2015 in support of the demands of its Units in the Associate Banks of SBI.
We call upon all our constituent unions to extend fraternal support to the agitating employees of
Dhanalaxmi Bank, the official of Bank of Maharashtra who has been falsely implicated by external forces and also to the All India Strike on 24th June 2015 by members of AIBEA in all the Banks.

We also call upon our constituent unions to advise their units to join in the Rallies and participate inthe agitational programmes organised by the DBOO, BOMOO and AIBEA in the respective centres as a measure of our fraternal support to the genuine cause of the agitating employees.”
With militant greetings,

Gramin bank staff to strike work on June 30,2015.

Gramin bank employees in the country are on a warpath against the Union government,
 protesting against the proposed disinvestment in the rural banking sector.
They will go on a nationwide strike on June 30, demanding that the BJP government withdraw from the move to privatise the gramin banks.

The United Forum of Regional Rural Bank Unions is spearheading the agitation against the Centre.
A statement by different gramin bank unions said here on Saturday that the government was trying to destroy the gramin banks by trying to privatise them.
“You cannot expect the rural sector to be served well if the bank is privatised. The private sector has only one aim: profit. The gramin banks too will go that way,” they said.
The unions also demanded that the employees of gramin banks be given the same pension as the staff of their sponsor banks.
At present, there are 56 gramin banks across the country with different banks sponsoring them. In Kerala, while North Malabar Gramin Bank was sponsored by Syndicate Bank, South Malabar Gramin Bank had Canara Bank as its sponsor. The two banks merged in 2013, with Canara Bank continuing to sponsor the new Kerala Gramin Bank.
=>> The Hindu dt.21.06.2015


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