Monday, June 8, 2015

Interpretations of some provisions!

In any settlement certain provisions will understood differently by 
different set of comrades.
Hence, after every B.P.S. IBA will issue clarification circulars for those provisions.
In this 10th B.P.S. the following provisions need clarifications:
1. Paternity Leave:
   This new leave is said to be effective from 01.06.2015.
   Can be availed within six months from date of birth of child.
   If the date of birth of child is before 01.06.2015,
     whether the male employee can avail within six months from date of birth of child?

2. Some employees have served in any one of Banks for a shorter term
   (during 01.11.2012 to 25.05.2015), say one or to two years and then resigned from
  the services of the Bank.
   Whether they are eligible for arrears of increased salary?

3.  It is provided in this settlement 6th, 7th, 8th stagnation increments will be sanctioned at the interval of two years.

    An employee received 6th increment after 01.11.2012.
    Whether his increment will be preponed by one year or to 01.11.2012 (if the date fall before 01.11.2012), and consequently 7th increment (if he is eligible to receive/are already received) will also be sanctioned after two year from new 6th stagnation increment date.?

4. The newly introduced Special allowance of 7.75% of Basic Pay is said to be eligible for D.A. only and not to be taken for retirement benefits.
   Whether this amount will be taken for calculation of salary while encashing  P.L. during service?
    Whether this amount will be added when computing the salary of the employee, for the purpose of  calculation of encashment P.L. at the time retirement?

5. Whether commutation arrears for those who retire between 01.11.2012 to 25.05.2015
    will be paid with interest or without interest from date of retirement to the date of disbursement?

6.  Whether SWO allowance is payable to only those clerks working in cash counters with passing powers or to all clerks in a branch?
A non-cash counter clerk also having some passing powers.
This confusion exists from 9th B.P.S. itself. Some disputes are also raised by unions in some banks.

7. Whether an employee can avail Half-pay sick leave up to his eligibility, during his probation period?
   (In some banks it is sanctioned, some banks refused to sanction.)

As HRM people in different Banks are busy in calculating arrears, they may interpret these provisions according to their understanding. Any misunderstanding of the provisions
may result in a loss to employees.

They have to run from pillar to post afterwards to rectify it
Will IBA issue clarification circular on the above provisions or on any other provisions which needs more clarity? 
(Before disbursement of arrears)


Anonymous said...

Is acting allowance is effective from 1/11/12?

Unknown said...

Interest on gratuity must be paid at appropriate rate as there is recoveries in pension calculation wef 1/11/2012 .

Unknown said...

When salary arrears payable wef 01/11/12 including 7.75% special pay it means which is being paid in monthly salary that amount will be paid at the time of LTC/LFC & at the time of leave encashmrnt on retirement . There should not be second thought about this.

Unknown said...

Why the IBA should be so ambiguous ? Can't they be very clear ? Our UFBU leaders must come out with answers as they were part of Xth BPS's various releases.