Thursday, December 3, 2020

 When the arrears will be disbursed?

10 th BPS signed on 25.05.2015.
New Salary implemented in June 2015.
Arrears for both in service and retired employees paid in the first week of August 2015.(after 70 days).
For retired during 01.11.2012 to 25.05.2015, arrears on pension/commutation/encashment of P.L./gratuity paid in first week of Oct 2015 and Nov.2015.
(After 4 and 5 months)
Revised Pension from Oct 2015.
(May vary from bank to bank)
Let us wait and see, how it is paid this time.

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Davis P J said...

Even IBA have not been send the official letter to the Banks. Only after getting this HR department can put a note to respective Board for payment of Arrears. Who will question IBA for not sending the letter?