Thursday, December 10, 2020

Minutes on pending issues



Anonymous said...

Really great achievement by the unions. 17 items and not even 1 item is fruitful. Some items will never be achieved and some are kept hanging. The issue of updation of pension is a mirage and Unions are inclined to work contra to the interests of the retirees. Kudos to the unions.

RK said...

By the way, why the meeting organised? Only for chai Samosa or to distribute the share of loot in gold bars?

Not a single issue settled. Not even simple non-financial issue mentioned in point no 5. Actually should it be listed as an issue?

Feeling really sorry for the issue mentioned in point no 3. If this is the attitude, all looters (IBA & Dalals) can drag the issue for another couple of years (Already the members are 94+) and the issue will be resolved automatically.


Unknown said...

What is the chance of accepting 50% pension for 20 years ser nice.

kabhara said...

Thegovernment and IBA pour tones of sympathy on bank employees, particularly on retired people.But their action is just to opposit.