Thursday, July 14, 2016

PRESS RELEASE 12.07.2016
All India Bank Strike on 29th July, 2016
By 10 lacs Bank Employees and Officers.
At the call of United Forum of Bank Unions
Against Central Government's retrograde banking reforms
At the call of UNITED FORUM OF BANK UNIONS consisting of 9 trade unions of bank employees and bank officers ( AIBEA , AIBOC, NCBE, AIBOA, BEFI, INBEF, INBOC, NOBW, NOBO), 10 lacs of bank employees and officers working in Public Sector Banks, old Private Banks, Regional Rural Banks, Foreign Banks and Co-operative Banks will observe One Day Protest Strike on 29th July, 2016 to oppose the anti-people banking reform policies of the Central Government.
Demands: Halt retrograde Banking Sector reforms
1. Do not privatise banks

2. Do not increase private capital in Public Sector Banks
3. Do not encourage FDI in banking sector
4. Do not give license to corporates to start Banks
5. Do not give license to private hands to open Small Banks and Payment Banks
6. Do not privatise Regional Rural Banks
7. Do not weaken co-operative Banks
8. Do not consolidate and merge Banks
9. Do not weaken priority sector loans in Banks
10. Extend more credit to agriculture sector
11. Recover bad loans through stringent measures
12. Increase interest rate on Deposits in Banks
The Notice for the strike has been served on the Indian Banks' Association yesterday
by the UFBU

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