Sunday, June 19, 2016

strike by RRBs

Circular issued by United Forum of RRB Unions.

UFRRBU Cir.No.2015-16/25                                             6th June,2016

To all constituents/Base units

UFRRBU’s CLARION CALL- 3 DAYS STRIKE ON 27th TO 29th JULY, Countrywide demonstration at RRB’s HO on 26th July 2016.

Dear Comrades,

Meeting of UFRRBU held in Delhi today, on 6th June, which was attended by representatives of almost all constituents. At the outset Convenor submitted the detail development taking place after the last meeting held in Delhi on 19th April,2016. Thereafter detail discussions took place and UFRRBU resolved as follows:

” This meeting of UFRRBU’ held on 6th June, 2016, in Delhi, expresses its deep concern that in spite of two days strike observed on 10th and 11th March,2016, the Central Government has not been taking  our issues seriously and even after getting positive  recommendation of NABARD/ other sub-committees on our various issues, DFS has not been considering the long pending genuine demands, rather Govt. is moving with its own agenda of privatization , consolidation and exploitation. Hence, there is no other option except intensification of agitation.”

In view of the aforesaid resolution following decisions were taken unanimously:
i.                 UFRRBU will write letter to Convenor, UFBU and its constituents to get appointment for availing their active support to our struggle and movement. Constituents of UFRRBU will also follow up with respective parent organisation,
ii.                Rather to highlight all the 11 points of Charter of Demand it would be consolidated as parity of Pension and Service Regulation at par with sponsor banks and opposition of privatisation  of RRBs, as all other demands are integral part of Service condition .
iii.               With a view to get the political and Central Trade Union’s support to our demands, apex leaders of all constituents of UFRRBU will camp in Delhi during the Monsoon Session of parliament, from 20th morning to  July evening  and will try to get appointment from PM/FM to submit our issues for consideration.
iv.             On 21st July, national convention will be held in Delhi and prominent leaders of different political parties, trade Unions and other dignitaries will be invited to address the convention.
v.               On 26th July, massive demonstration will be organised at HO/RO of RRBs during lunch hour/before or after office hour,
vi.              Whereever base level unit of UFRRBU has not been formed as yet, the base level forum will be formed by 30th June preferably,
vii.         THREE DAYS STRIKE WILL BE HELD ON 27th, 28th and 29th  July,2016.

Besides aforesaid decisions UFRRBU also took an unanimous view to extend support to RRB’s Retiries’ CANDLE MARCH going to be held in Delhi on 27th June,2016.
Further, with a view to meet the petty expenditure of UFRRBU it was also decided that each constituent will contribute Rs.5000/-(Five thousand) immediately to the a/c informed by Convenor immediately and after submission of details of expenditure further required amount may be contributed proportionately.
Sd.  D N Trivedi

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