Sunday, June 19, 2016

Merger means? Yo

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Dear Mr. Kumarji, I am surprised that some union leaders are very much worried about merger of Banks. WHY......? You just think that this merger will contribute nothing to the employee whether negative or positive. Because we already gave up our rights, our privileges, our dignity above all our salary. In the last Bipartite only 2 % again I mention only 2 % of increase of Basic Pay after merger of running DA of 61.5 %. Who asked that bloody Special Allowance of 7.75 % which is not taken for any superannuation benefits.
At the same time in all the banks private sector tie up bodies are intervened in the form of cross selling. All bank managements are asking employees to step out for marketing. All employees are given grading for their career progression. No union / association people are ready to safeguard them from these struggles. Then why they are giving this much of interest and importance against merger.
As for as my concern "Nothing important than something in this issue.". Bankers unity ZINDABAD