Friday, November 6, 2015

SWO-B allowance?

Two days ago, hundreds of new recruits have been appointed in State Bank of Travancore, a premier public sector bank in our country. 
As per the Bipartite Settlement signed by IBA with AIBEA and as per the internal Settlement with the union in the Bank, all new recruits in clerical cadre in the Bank are to be appointed as Single Window Operator-B with a Special Pay of Rs. 820 along with Basic pay and other pay components.
But management has appointed them with the designation Junior
Associate (Customer Support & Sales) with a Special Pay of Rs.330 in violation of the Settlement. 
Thus, the new recruits were welcome with lesser emoluments than what is provided in the Settlement.
Further, again in violation of Awards and Settlements, the new
employees were informed in the appointment order that they can be terminated by the management anytime without giving any reason.
There was not a single word of welcoming these youngsters which
will encourage them, motivate them and make them feel at home.
Novel way of welcoming the new employees, indeed !
As per Bi-partite settlement......
Only new recruits are to be paid 820 allowance or the all the existing clerks are eligible for 820 allowance? 
Do AIBEA does not know "only those whio are working in cash counters are paid SWO allowance" in all banks?


Unknown said...

Instead of focusing these ,management must focus to improve npa recovery and the ways to improve their private enterprises marketing people earned as much TA as much salary...their sales increase due to wellpaid their that same way the management follows...adequately paid to staff focus to improve income through marketing .dont be small hearted behaviour

Unknown said...

The tenth bipartite settlement has shaken the confidence in Union leadership. They are not able to protect our rights. They do what the IBA, Govt. wants. It seems it may be the first case in the trade unions movement, when the scales are revised little upward but the pensions has been decreased. Will the Union leadership be able to tame the concerned managements, it is to be seen.

Unknown said...

Who is entitled for swo special payment whicis 820 rupees, As I joined Allahabad bank as swo but I didn't find this allowance in my salary slip