Sunday, November 29, 2015

After BEFI it is now AIBOC that demands re-opening of 10 the B.P.S.:
(Registered under the Trade Unions Act 1926, Registration No.:3427/Delhi)
C/o Bank of India, Parliament Street Branch
PTI Building, 4, Parliament Street, New Delhi: 110001
Phone: 011-23730096 Tel/Fax 23719431
Circular No. 2015/75 Dated: 27/11/2015
To All Affiliates/State Units/Members
Dear Comrades,
You are aware that Joint Note for Xth Bipartite Settlement was signed on
 25th May 2015, but there were many issues like the issues of Retirees covered in the Record Note, issue of disciplinary matters, calling officers on Sundays / holidays, anomaly in stagnation increments etc., which remained pending on the assurance of IBA that action required on their part on these issues would soon be taken.

Despite lapse of six months and our several reminders, no steps have been taken by the IBA to resolve the issues, as per the understanding reached during the discussions. There has been no move either to start the negotiations or restart the discussions. Leave apart this, even normal courtesy of acknowledging our communications has not been shown. The settled issues of Medical aid, reimbursement of medical expenses for retired employees through insurance policy are also being denied.
Apart from this, Government, on the one hand,
*is announcing and implementing policies based on the recommendations of P.J. Nayak committee viz. diluting stakes in Public Sector Banks (PSBs),
*privatisation of banks through denial of capital required by PSBs,
*establishing Banking Bureau Board, deliberate delay in appointing Officer Directors on the Banks' Boards,
*appointment of private entrepreneurs as MDs and Chairmen in Banks, permitting FDI in the banking sectors etc.

On the other hand, no steps are being taken to recover debts from willful defaulters, providing more windows by ways of Asset Reconstruction companies and SDRs, thus providing the escape routes to the defaulters of public money.

All these issues were deliberated in the AIBOC Executive Committee meeting held at Mangalore on date. The Committee also discussed the issue of non implementation of the understanding reached between Dhanlaxmi Bank Officers' Organisation (DBOO) and Dhanlaxmi Bank management, in the presence of Hon'ble Home Minister and trade union leaders of the Kerala state.
After due deliberations, the Executive Committee of the Confederation was of the unanimous view that any delay in deciding direct action will be damaging to the very existence of the Public sector and job security of the employees.
 It was also the opinion of the Committee that in view of the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission, salary settlement of LIC employees, there is a need to relook into our Xth BPS accordingly.
The Committee unanimously decided to give an All India strike call for
11th December, 2015 and authorized the General Secretary to issue Notice for the strike and to serve it to all concerned authorities. The central leadership was also authorized to decide preparatory action programme.
We take this opportunity to apprise you that Notice of strike has been served by mail today and copies of the same have been sent to CLC (C), Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, to Chairmen / MDs of all PSBs. Notice and statement of the case are also enclosed herewith the circular.
We call upon all our Affiliates/ State Committees to warm up the rank and file and take all possible steps to ensure successful implementation of the strike call. The following action programme has also been decided as preparatory exercise for the strike:
**Black Badge Wearing 2nd December, 2015
**Demonstrations at the Headquarters of all Banks 4th December, 2015
at 5.30 pm
**Common demonstration by the State Committees at all 7th December, 2015
State Capitals & Major centres
We once again call upon all our Affiliates and State Committees to implement all the action programmes and make the strike a grand success.
With revolutionary greetings,
Comradely yours,
March on ! March On !! March On !

Strike for Demands:
1. Withdrawal of anti- psb proposals and recommendations suggested in the Gyan Sangam.
2. Initiating the immediate steps to resolve the residual issues of the 10th bipartite settlement, viz.,
a. Rectification of anomaly with regard to additional stagnation increment
b. Further discussions on disciplinary matters deliberated in the sub-committees which remain inconclusive
c. Settlement of points covered in the record note on the issues of bank retirees signed on the day of signing of joint note dated 25.05.2015
3. To send an advisory to member banks that officers should not be called on Sundays and Holidays.
4. Proper implementation of new medical insurance scheme as per essence and spirit of the joint note and restoration of domiciliary treatment to retirees opted for medical insurance scheme.
5. Stop attempting the introduction of variable pay in the name of “ performance based   incentives” and ESOP for the senior executives.
6. Restoring the bilateralism and implement the bilateral understandings in Dhanalakshmi Bank.
7. Scrapping of NPS and reintroduce the bank level pension scheme for the recruits on or after 1st April 2009.
8. Immediate appointment of officer/workmen directors in public sector banks which is     unduly kept pending.
9. Implementation of pension in RRBs.
10. Withdrawal of proposals to amend trade union laws.
to pay uniform pay and allowances in the banking sector.
11. Pension for SBI officers to be improved to 50% of the last
drawn pay without any ceiling.


Unknown said...

So far as my knowledge is concerned like BEFI, AIBOC was also an constituent of UFBU who are responsible and signed the tenth bipartite settlement ignoring the just rights of bank employees and totally ignoring the rights of elder bankers in terms of pension may be under the pressure of IBA, GOVT combine.. Now facing much hue and cry over the plight of bankers they seem to be imitating in one way or the other to please their rank and file. What was done during the tenth bipartite discussions is known to them very much. They tried to keep all the discussions confidential from their members till it were finalised so that nobody can raise any objection. If they are serious, get the tenth b/s opened and settle the demands of bankers especially elder bankers who have suffered loss in terms of pension. Bank employees will never pardon them for their wrongs in tenth bipartite

Anonymous said...

It is going to rain heavily once again, because the union leaders have started thinking about the plight of bankers especially elder pensioners . Now pensioners issues are also included as one of the demands for the strike.Unions follow carrot and stick policy to elder bankers.During the settlement stick was used liberally to hurt the pensioners .Now to pacify them ,they are shown the carrot. Let us believe the leaders once again.

Anonymous said...

my brothers, are you dreaming ,these hypocrites shedding crocodile tear.please forget them, if want to fight, fight without them and in court of law

Anonymous said...

Just mockery. These events would run for a year. Afterwards the 11th bps time would start. As usual, the demands would be submitted on last day. The talks and strikes would be there for another two years, bankers like monkeys would finally lick their wounds once again.

Ganesh said...

My intuition says it a move by the union to get the job back for their leaders in dhanalekxhmi bank...all other demands just a eyewash....

Unknown said...

JACK and JILL went upto the HILL..........SO COMRADES, OUR BELOVED AIBOC GIVEN CALL FOR ONE DAY STRIKE ON 11th DECEMBER, 2015. LET US ALL PARTICIPATE WHOLEHEARTEDLY.IT IS REALLY VERY UNFORTUNATE THAT STILL SEVERAL DIFFERENCE OF OPINIONS EXISTS. HOWEVER, AS WE SO FAR COULD NOT ESTABLISH ANOTHER PLATFORM TO FIGHT FOR OUR LEGITIMATE RIGHTS THROUGH COURTS OF LAW, THE TRADITIONAL METHOD OF loss of pay STRIKES, anticipating that something really good happens at the last for all of us will fall in line. What Comrade Venkatachalam do after this proposed strike of 11th december, 2015 happens ? will there be any improvement in SALARY and ALLOWANCES OF OFFICERS OF PSBs ? will the present worst working conditions in PSBs for Officers change to dignified conditions ?

Anonymous said...

It is all drama