Sunday, September 13, 2015

Medical insurance implementation

Which Banks deviated?
What are the deviation?
Whether calling for option from Retirees a deviation?
No clarity.

AIBEA/GS/2015/58                                                                                                           Date. 11-9-2015

Chief Executive,
Indian Banks’ Association

Dear Sir,

Reg: Revised Scheme for reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses

You are aware that in response to our demand for 100% reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses, after a lot of serious deliberations and discussions, a revised scheme has been put in place in the recent 10th Bipartite Settlement dated 25-5-2015.

The details of the Scheme are narrated under Schedule IV of the Settlement.  The Scheme to be worked out between IBA/Banks and Insurance companies are also provided as Appendix I and II.

Besides various details of coverage and entitlements under the scheme, the Scheme provides for coverage of Rs. 3 lacs and Rs. 4 lacs + Rs. 100 as Corporate Buffer which means that claims beyond Rs. 3 lacs and Rs. 4 lacs would be entertained upto and within the Corporate Buffer.

The definition of family is also well defined under the Scheme

Further, the said Scheme shall be extended to employees/officers after their retirement as well as to existing retired employees/officers subject to payment of premium.

While the revised Scheme has not been made effective to the existing employees for which employees are anxiously awaiting, we observe the some of the Banks have issued circulars and communications seeking options from the retired employees/officers to join the Scheme.  Further, various restrictive conditions have been prescribed in these Circulars relating to definition of family, entitlement and coverage of the benefits, etc.

We wish to clarify and make it clear that if there is any attempt on the part of any Bank to deviate from the agreed Scheme as provided in the Settlement, the same would be viewed seriously by us and would result in serious conflict and put the entire scheme in jeopardy.

We believe that nothing is happening behind our back.

Confirmation to this effect is requested.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Scheme was launched but how to implement. All present officer eligible under this scheme automatically or any option letter to be signed by him. What is the claim procedure ? Is any claim after 25/5/2015 will automatic consider under new scheme ?

Banker Emp said...

I am a female bank(PSU) employee and want to enroll my parent-in-law to be added under the dependent list. Although they do not have any source of income, I am not able to get them added. Bank Establishment says; your parent-in-law cannot be depenedent on you as your husband is working and his salary is more than 10000 pm.
Is it really like this? I have gone through the fine prints of 10th Bipatrate settlement and there is nothing of this sort mentioned.

Its like, only the male bank employees can register their parents.(even if they have working wife who might also be earning somewhere)

More clarification on the terms for female employees here would be highly appreciated.

Indian Bank Kumar said...

What your Bank says is wrong.
It is Income of the parents-in-law to be taken and not that of spouse.
In that case no female employee can add her parents-in-law.
Every husband will a wage earner only.

Anonymous said...

Bank has not provided I cards till now under this scheme? What's IBA take it?

Banker Emp said...

Thanks for clarification. I hope this will help most of the bank employees who are denied benefits on false arguments.

Unknown said...

Sir,Why bank employee cannot get the benfit of HRA Exemption under section 10(13A)instead of rebate on HRA under section 80GG for income tax purpose.

Anonymous said...

Additional sick leave after 24 years for 3 it on half pay or full pay

Unknown said...

Are resigned employees are covered under the scheme ?