Friday, August 28, 2015

This Blog is fast approaching One Crore Hits!

Few words at a time, my Blog is fast approaching One Crore Hits!
My Face Book page has more than 12000 likes/ followers.
It is an open ID, hence comrades can read without marking a like also. Hence total reach (of face book page) can’t be counted. It has maximum participation by comrades by way of like/comment/share among Banking oriented face book pages.  

My objective is to pass on all the information,
Whatever I am receiving /reading , thro e-mail and from websites of all unions. 
I am answering doubts/queries raised by comrades with my little knowledge( read from settlements and various circulars.)  and from my experience. I am posting only authentic news.

Union websites serve one way communication only.
Comrades want to express their view on various issues.
Hence I decided to start a platform for two way communication.
That is the birth of Indian Bank Kumar BLOG/face book page.

I started my Blog in Sep 2010. My blog may not look perfect in designing or look.
With my little practical knowledge in computer, by trial and error, I am managing the blog. Initially very few comrades follow and read.
Slowly it picks up, that too, after November 2012, as the 10th B.P.S talks started.

On reading the comments posted so far,I wish to appeal you to
Read the history of trade union movement, 
Read circulars, 
Attend union meetings, 
Attend Dharnas/Demos, 
Know Labour laws/provisions
Avoid ill conceived/motivated mind set on unions, 

Give concrete alternative/suggestions, not only on salary but on all other issues.
Just commenting “on the spot” without applying mind won't serve any purpose.
Whenever union is taking a wrong decision we are at liberty to comment and ask for rectification.

One point I want to tell all comrades is, Without union/unity you can’t achieve anything.
Like in any other sector, there may be good unionist and bad unionist in our banking industry also.
To choose right union/leader is in our hands only.

We can’t write off Unions, but should work for change.
Change can’t be achieved without involving ourselves in the movement. 

Thanks comrades, for making my Blog, and face book pages, a successful one!


Anonymous said...

wish you all success and thing special i feel you are democratic enough to allow dissenting note to be published.example i have told befi has no right to to ask for levy, because of anti employee 10th bp settlement,where they have signed but put blame on others. and this has been published although you are a staunch befi member/ supporter,i being a befi member also did not like the befis stand on the issue perticulary regarding retiree and retiring employee of nov-2012 to 2017.many many thanks

Anonymous said...

thats great sir
good work