Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Circular No.7/VI/2015
March 16, 2015

Dear Comrades:


..........In continuation of the earlier meeting held on January 14, 2015  one more round of discussion on Officers  issues, was held at IBA office today, at 3.00 pm.

.........It was mutually accepted that the salary and allowances, as well as the perquisites and medical facilities listed in the charter of demand will be taken up for discussions once the draft scales are drawn up by the IBA for discussion.

 In the matter of discipline and Appeal regulations, it was agreed to submit once again a comprehensive chart to IBA which will be taken up for discussion by a small committee of IBA for further discussion in the HR committee of the IBA. 

 In the matter of regulated working hours, it was agreed by IBA to issue a communication to the member banks, not to call officers on Sundays and Holidays, except on some specified emergent circumstances.

In the matter of leave rules, it has been broadly agreed to follow  the provisions of the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations.  
A clear submission was made to monetize the LTC scheme on the lines of RBI. 

The income stipulation for categorizing the “dependent” has been agreed to be enhanced substantially with the stipulation that the dependent is not an Income Tax payee.

 It has been agreed to recommend to the government to consider Banking Administrative Tribunal on the lines of CAT.  

It was also informed that the protection of emoluments on transfer will also be positively considered, as the same was drawing the attention of the top management team of the various banks.  
As the issues discussed are to be given an appropriate shape, we may term this round of discussion as inconclusive. 

In our considered assessment there is certainly a forward movement in this round of discussion. 
It was expressed by the representatives of IBA to arrive at a positive conclusion by the end of this month through mutually convenient date of negotiations.
It was further informed that IBA is actively engaged in drawing up the draft  scales of pay and expected to discuss  the same at an earliest possible time with us.

Our endeavour to reach a  reasonable and respectable settlement in terms of monetary gains as well as appropriate advancement in the other service regulations, like discipline and appeal regulations, will continue.

With Greetings.
Yours Comradely,
(S. NAGARAJAN)                


Anonymous said...

After a long and long negotiations they found no time to conclude and the meeting is inconclusive. They are not even able to disclose the secret of 2% issue. All are busy in the market to buy brinjals and ladysfingers. Well done comrades.

Anonymous said...

Not calling on holiday doesn't mean regulated work hours as. Per medical survey it's very unhealthy to stay in office more than 40 hrs a week... Management is inhuman and unions are waste... I m not going to join this unions...

Unknown said...

Banking Administrative Tribunal's arrival into banking industry is the need of the hour. I have been appealing for this since very long time. Why there is so much secrecy about that 2% ???. AIBOC must come out with facts. Let it allow officers to have their legitimate dignity and regulated working hours during Monday to Saturday. Let 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays have 10am to 2pm working hours. Let the banks donot do high interest rate business with their own staff mmbers.


It is absolutely heart breaking news that Basic Pay will be increased by 2% grade pay will be 6% without DA and HRA increase 7% hence total 15 % will be allocated as per 10 BPS WHAT a ridiculous setting of the settlement it is ruining the entire banking industry No concern about retirees and updation of pension so whole life sacrificing went in vain.

Anonymous said...

When its comes for salary...iba want negotiations... N when it comes about leave they like to follow 6 pay commission... Wtf!!!!!
Introduce 6th pay commission for wage, then for leave....@$$ h0!e ufbu
Banker r running economy... We are nt lame

Anonymous said...

Pathetic to note that IBA is drawing up the scales n no one is being discussed, only after they draw the scales they wud come for disxussion.

Anonymous said...

Even when meeting starts at 10 am most of the times the discussions remains inconclusive.what was the intention behind starting the meeting at. 3.30 pm
all drama and eye wash
all just a drama

As rao said...

Why none of the unions are giving any positive statement regarding the wage hike ? what is the 2% story? Almost one month passed, but still our pay scale structure is not formulated. Who will checkmate these rumours?