Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Draft Insurance Policy

One comrade has asked :
Pls upload Draft Insurance Policy given by IBA to UFBU for comments.
I have posted details of Medical Insurance Policy to be introduced sometime back in April 2014.
However for those who missed to read I give below some of the features of the draft policy.
Pl. note that it is not a final one. There may be minor changes here and there.
* Highlights of Medical Insurance policy!!*
* Cash-less treatment in listed Hospitals and reimburesement of medical bills if admitted in other Hospitals .
* 100% reimbursement for both Employees and dependents. 

* Coverage upto Rs. 4.00 lacs for Officers & Rs.3.00 lacs for Clerks and Substaff
* Critical illness covered with 1.00 Lac over and above the limit.
* All existing /future ailments covered without wait period.
* All New recruits and new born baby will be covered from day one.
* All types of medical systems like Sidha, ayurvedic etc., covered.
* Domiciliary treatment also reimbursible.
* Employee+Spouse+ Dependent Children+two Dependent Parents or in-laws covered.
* Normal (Rs.35000)& Cesarean (Rs.50000) delivery covered.
* Room rent max Rs.5000. No limit for Doctor's fees and charges for various tests.
* Continuity of coverage for empoyees on retirement.
* Bill to be submitted to respective Bank's Zonal/Circle/Area offices only.


As rao said...

i am preferring your site is best for latest ever news and sponsoring to all the bank employees, But you are also lagging in giving latest news. post some news atleast once in aweek.

Anonymous said...

Mr kumar pls give us details about latest news on 2nd and 4th saturdays holidays.pls throw some light on it as to from when it may be implemented and also about new salaries being effected from

kamal said...

It is mentioned that continuation of coverage after retirement. Pl.clarify is it applicable to employees retired after 31.10.2012 but before settlement.