Saturday, January 17, 2015

BEFI written letter to UFBU to go ahead
with strike from 21St January 2015.
Now it is explicit that AIBOC&BEFI are ready for strike.
What about other unions?

Why bank employees want 5day/week banking?
AIBOC explained in the sub-group meeting with IBA on 14.01.2015.
The discussion was based on the following arguments and facts put forth by us in support of demand:

1. Central Govt. Employees work for five days.

2. Majority of State Govt. employees work for five days.

3. RBI works for five days.

4. IT sector works for five days with sole aim to retain and recoup the energy despite their nature of work having the scope to work continuously.

5. No financial institution,internationally, work on Saturdays.

6.Currently about 50% of the workforce are recruited after 2009 and the remaining too either will be recruited now onwards or will be promoted from out of the beyond 2009 recruits. To keep the youths in resonance with international standards so as to retain them in the Industry, five days a week is required.

7. As per RBI report 62% of the transactions are done through alternate channels and the percentage is on increase.

8. No.of ATMs as on Oct. 2014 is 173697.

9.About 2.5lac business correspondents are discharging the banking related jobs outside the bank premises.

10.About 11,11,576 POS (point of sales) terminals are available all through the days.

11.About 1,99,54,598 credit cards and 44,16,11,701 debit cards are in active operation as on Oct. 2014 as all 11 crores accounts opened under JANDHAN YOJANA are issued with debit cards.

12.There are 3.50 crores mobile banking users and 9.40 crores transactions during financial year ended March, 2014.

13. All banks are in the process of opening self service kiosks wherein the facilities for pass book printing, coin vending, cash withdrawal and deposit through the machines are available.

14.The cheque truncation system is working efficiently and funds clearance is possible on line instead of waiting for 14 days.

15.Recently the MOS SriJitendra Prasad in Parliament and SriAjith Seth, Cabinet Secretary informed that the Govt. does not have any intention to propose any change in the existing 5days a week.

16.It will have very effective impact in the govt. proposal of cutting expenditure to 10% from the current level

17. In a recent interview to Business today, while recording the reasons for the success of HDFC bank, the Chairman admitted that today 85% of the transactions by customers takes place through non branch channels. The mobile and Internet banking channel contributes almost 55%.

18.He further stated that HDFC bank already created 75% of the work involved in digital banking which would be implemented shortly, whereby everything you do physically will be done virtually.
19.Other obvious benefits are,
1. Reduced fuel costs,

2.Increased productivity,

3.Improved job satisfaction morale,

4.Saving the scarce National power and energy resources,

5.Improved work life balance,

6.Reduced traffic congestion and pollution.

After thorough deliberations, there was a positive signal of acknowledging the seriousness of the issue and it was decided to pursue the issue further.


vishwajit Kumar said...

5 days banking is must to have decent life. I feel and urge that this demand should be given emphasis more than wages negotiations. We all are together and ready to fight against this injustice with bank employees.

Anonymous said...

Dear leaders please bankers ke bare m thoda to socho nahi to hamari aatma aapko bahut bad dua dengi. Aap kabhi bhi apne bachcho ko khush nahi dekh paoge.

Anonymous said...

Where is CHV , does he know anything about this or he has already thought that " there is not so much to bargain on wage issue".Shame on all leaders if they don't understand aam banker sentiment.

joy said...

Let's hope for the best

Anonymous said...

If we want our sons and daughter to have a decent life than its good to have at least five working days otherwise lets all change ours with one another i hope u all know what i mean

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

5 Day banking is something we all need for better & smoother life. Also these Saturdays are too loss for the banks in the present scenario. Then I can't understand why they are opposing this demand.

Anonymous said...

Talk about wage revision first. This is the prime issue. Can you assure members that you will not reduce your demand below 19.5%? I am not sure what this 4 days strike is going to achieve when you are ever ready to decrease the demand. What about the % mentioned in COD?

Unknown said...

Five day banking must be