Monday, January 26, 2015

To: Sent: Saturday, 24 January 2015 10:28 PM 
 Dear Comrades, We are receiving lot of queries form various centres as to 
what was our stand relating to four days strike that was to take place 
on 21-24th January, 2015. 
 In the UFBU meeting in Mumbai, held on 19th instant, the undersigned 
and Com. GMV Nayak were present. 
Going by the sitting order, Chairman of the meeting first asked us to give our opinion 
after initial presentation by Com. Convenor.
 We categorically said that we do feel there is no positive development and 
hence we opined for implementation of the strike call and that should be 
with the participation of all constituents. 
 Differing views sharply came up in  the meeting and the meeting prolonged 
for more than three hours. 
To arrive at a consensus, the decision to keep the strike call on hold was taken. 

 It is unfortunate  that some constituents have issued circular claiming that 
only they were in favour of strike for four days. 
It is not correct. Ours was the first organisation to speak and we spoke in favour of 
going for four days strike. 
 We hope the position will be clear to you now and you will be able to counter any criticism 
against BEFI. 
 With greetings, 
 Pradip Biswas.

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