Sunday, March 9, 2014

Comments on comments!!

While I started this account, I clearly said this a platform for sharing of information and
Have discussion among bank employees on issues of Banking Industry.
I didn’t say you should always accept my views or the unions.
You can have your own views and confront with union and its way of approach and give your suggestion for improvement. I have no objection.
I understand your expectation of getting a better wages .
But I expect a decent and deciplined comments from you, some comrades do not adhere to it.
They use words drama, rascals,bribe, got money,donkey,f…,send sarrees and bangales, the list does not end here.
While seeking job you might heard about “Group discussion”. You might be taught how to present your arguments in the discussion, how to confront with others in the group etc.,

After getting the job you forgot all these. Particularly when commenting in a social media you should be more careful in selecting words.
I hope u will understand what I want to tell.
If the quality of comments continue to be same as above, I have no other go except to hide,filter ,
delete or even ban the user. If the number of likes and visitors reduce because of this, I won’t mind, as I am not for any business benefit. Those who want to ubuse may start a facebook/Blog account “ubusers group” and write whatever you like. I have no objection. My account is not a public toilet to scribble anything.

Comments on comments-2

One comrade send a comment”Leaders must have enjoyed Air Trips, 5 star hotel stays and Heavy Tea,Snacks, Lunch at the expenses of their comrades”
(May be a borrowed one)
I request Union leaders: Hereafter you travel Mumbai to Delahi by unreserved compartments and sleep in the platforms. Take food in street side hotels that too from ur pocket money.
Don’t take tea,coffee, biscuit during the meeting, if at all you need water take a bottle of water with you.( but we will gracefully accept snacks,tea etc, when offered by Branch Manager or regional head during meetings)
Struggle hard and bargain for 30% wage increase for the downtrodden, below povertyline Bank employees who are getting only Rs.30000 to 60000 per month.

Moreover, hitherto wage revision meetings are arranged by IBA and all the expenses are met by IBA only. Hereafter to make true of comrades comments take money from comrades (union fund) and give it to IBA as reimbursement of expenses.

Comments on comments may/will continue as myths and truths always differ!
(Topics: “Iwill not do anything, but Union should do everything for me”-“Iwill quit the Bank job, going to joint Govt. job” etc. etc.,)


Anonymous said...

central govt. and also state govt. se hmara union jyada powerful & united he isi liye IBA ko hmare sath negotiate karna padta he.otherwise IBA/GOVT. Bank Employees ki taraf dekhta bhi nahi. hm bank employees SARKAR ke mu bole BETE he jabki Central Govt. employees unke SAGE BETE he.

Anoop Kumar said...

sir i like your post but tell me on thing very frankly sir what you expect from us, do you want us to wait for next two more years IBA is behaving like a sanctioning authority same as government as far as i remember IBA was formed to convey the demands of bank employees effectively and understand our situation. But are they actually doing that, it's already been two years and nothing has happened we have also given written exams work with full accountability and abide by all the conditions created by RBI and Government even then performing well. But when it seems that nothing is going to happen then people who have time in their hands to move from banks what other options they have and why not ultimately in our society we face peer pressure we face comparison. The condition this IBA and Government of India has made i feel ashamed of calling myself a government bank employee. ON A HIGH NOTE I WANT TO SAY ONLY ONE THING IBA FORGOTTEN HIS PRIME DUTY AND INSTEAD OF BECOMING A PAVEMENT TO MAKE BANK EMPLOYEES CONDITION BETTER IT IS BECOMING OBSTRUCTION AND MAKING IT WORST IN EVERY MANNER. DILUTE IBA OTHERWISE OUR BANKING INDUSTRY WILL NEVER FLOURISH INSTEAD OF GOING THROUGH IBA IT'S BETTER WE GO THROUGH LABOUR COMMISSION.

Unknown said...

For officers and senior award staff delay in wage hike is nothing...but for newly joined clerks ...all are not getting 3ok to 60k...i got 11.8k after 2 days salary ded for strike, nps etc...why bipartite settlements taking too much time as lat time almost 3 years...that too with this salary in metros with 800/-hra

rajeevkojha said...

Mr Kumar is right about using proper words,courteous and polite language in public comments.Bank top brass may or may not be corrupt.Union leaders may or may not take bribes from crooked borrowers.But the fact remains that the Union representatives are members of the board of directors that sanctioned,scheduled,re-scheduled loans to crooks without raising their voice.They were party to the loot of depositors money.As a result now banks are bankrupt.Their balance sheets do not reflect real position.Bank officers should forget about decent wages,let alone any parity with IAS officers.

Anonymous said...

You are right sir ,there should be some manners while posting comments.Just delete the comments having abusive words.

Anonymous said...

insane words are not is correct but sir you think about the disgust and anger of new bankers in present situation.i think it is uncontrolled anger ventilated. those responsible for this anger deserve what?

Anonymous said...

These political leaders when they wish to settle their package ,it's merely 1/2 day job but for the bankers who kept the family life on stake ,begging for very well deserving salary.
The bankers who are the leading factor of the economy are deprived of legitimate demands.

These UFBU leaders are failed to
get the job assigned and lost faith . The only thing is left is to protest against the atrocities to the bank fraternity, JUST TO GIVE NOTICE FOR THE STRIKE ON 30/03,31/03

Unknown said...

mujhe sirf koi supari dedo mai to chidambram ki lungi mai bom dal kar mar daluga aur us nama meena ki to band bajadu ga

vimal gupta said...

Sir your comments is right any comments must have proper language and remember only unions are fighing for banker intrest genuinly or so called as acliamed by union leader.The Gen X banker have a lot of information , knowledge,unity by social media , sms and they gained it.Banker already awaiting for last 17 months for a decent wage revision though central Govt. employees injoying 6 th pay commission since last 8 years and every time we have participated and made strike 100% successful.After all these things ufbu not able to get benefit of 6th pay commission to bankers and they are not transperent in bipertite talks then why we have right to ask questions to union leaders/ufbu......

i have following suggestions to make transparent bank unions....
* use website/blog/sms/facebook etc. to make member updated.
*press rlease before and after any grand agitation/strike to inform public at large.(So that No FM can comment "bank profits have other claiments" though he haward return but have little knowledge that salary is a necessery expense not given from divident)
*union should publish their balace sheet and it must be auideted by members .
*union leader meetings on qly/hly basis or only in urgent need, they should publish agenda of meetings and minutes on compulsury basis on website.
* we member can give leavy only on arrear salary of first year not for intentionly dlayed period of 2/3 years.

Dear leader please adopt above suggestions otherwise you all may be irrelavant on one day.

d5prithvi said...

Author is correct in insisting on the right language while commenting and that in public. Because of a small percentage of nasty comments the entire industry is being viewed with the wrong notion. That said leaders should also understand that times have changed and the younger generation is not patient like those who have completed 15-20 year of service. When the settlements were modified from one in every 4 years to 5 years the reason given to members that the one year would be used to negotiate and arrive at settlement within the due data. But even after 18 months after the completion of 5 years we are yet to see the light. Will our managements keep quiet if we perform our duties so lethargically and slowly

d5prithvi said...

Author is right that language used to comment should be moderated. Our leaders should also realise that the younger generation is not patient enough to wait endlessly for a the new salaries unlike us who have put in 15- 20 years. Leaders should change with times and alternative methods should be though off. When the settlement period was increased from 4 years to once in 5 years the reason given was that the extra one year will be utilised for negotiations and new salaries will be finalised before the end of the 5th year. But is that happening now?

Anonymous said...

My dear comrades should keep dignity at the same time seniors should explain me one thing which really I don't understand.. current negotiations started long back.. after strike in Feb month, there is no development and in last meeting for wat it was discussed about all other aspects apart from salary??? Is that not already kept before IBA.??? Why unions were kept quiet and explained once again the demands instead of further action?? This is wat u didn't understand,.. mr.kumar or seniors explain me!!!

Unknown said...

I am no supporter of cheap and disgusting words. However we need to understand that after 3 days of salary loss that to rock solid unity, it fetches 10% hike. Is it not better to abandon this wage negotiations all together. Let the IBA decide of its own whether we deserve any salary hike. I am 100% sure the result will be much better. Then what is the use of our veteran leaders. The blog owner is unable to see the discontent in today's banker due to successive failure of our leadership. Not only that even today they are more worried about the language than the real issues at hand.

Unknown said...

Mr Kumar, I would like to place following: The so called IBA talking about NPAs and bad loans and write offs etc. Bank employees is not responsible for bad loans, npas and write offs. Who asked ythem to writeing of the loans. Who asked them to implement faulty npa system. Just because some customers fal to pay interest for three consecutive months or so, you make make it npa. Because of this ipa is telling no sufficient profits. Are they have gone mad or they dont know the when they recover the same will be treated as profits both in respect of npa recovery, bad loan recovery etc. In majority of cases securities are available. Are the ipa is giving th4e benefit of recoveries to employees by increasing salaries etc? Please union leaders take note of some of these petty information and blast the iba representatives not to fool us. They will forget they were also one in enployees side just because they are sitting on otherside they forget their previous positions. They dont have humanitarian thinking that when their couter parts of state/central govt employees who do not earn anything they get 5th 6th 7th pay scales and allowances where as bankers are not getting their due right? Are they not know equal pay for equal work. If iba do not come out with respectable offer I feel the bank employees will teach them a lesson.Sorry I have great respect to all the representatives ho do good for the welfare of the bankers.


Anonymous said...

Teri iss website ka kya matlab hai....yahan kuch bolna kehna jaisa mandir ki deewar pe sar patakna jaisa hai.
Agar kuch kar sakta hai toh boll.warna aise hi comment cheppta reh wall pe.

Unknown said...

Bank employee is package of responsibility with every one assigning work but no one protects him. For our NPA recovery every quaterly new scheme are coming but how it will be implemented no body knows. Recovery officer litterally begs before borrower for sake of bank but nothing happens in majority of cases and we become culprit in eyes of executive for not doing any work. Vast number of NPA cases tried before lok adalat never get setteled as being pre litigation cases and court is also looked stuborn before it. Our bank do not have any rigid policy for NPA management of subsidy loan and our bank expect us to perform by begging before customer continously,restlessly without mincing any word just in hope that coming 10th BPS will improve our economic condition, which is due from last 17 months. But here also reasonable settlement is denied as per FM statement that bank NPA is growing fast and profit earned has other claimant also and we are given time again and again by IBA without any result. Banker poor economic condition and no one to hear his agony and rising job expectaion making him vulnerable and intolerant which burst through this site.

Anoop Kumar said...

this NPA excuse is nothing but a an attempt to create a fake panic that situation is not good, Actually they want some excuse to give licence to foreign players. Chidambaram should disclose how they are financing the 7th pay commission and all these facilities and he should not be allowed to use the tax money to fund this 7th pay commission. Because if all profit can not be used to increase the salary of Bank employees then same thing should apply to him also. Chidambara you are a looser let me tell you about your failures - you failed to control Rupee deflation, You Failed to save foreign reserve ,You failed to control surge in Inflation, You Failed to control fuel prices, You failed to provide to provide economical railways -Increased the Railway fares also you know only one way to earn revenue that is TAX everywhere you imposed TAX. Shame on you, i feel you must have done your education from Harward by giving donation, we regret that you are our FM this is real KALYUGA.

Anonymous said...

Guys COAL INDIA me vacancy hai...give exams aur niklo is banking industry se. That is the only solution.

Niranjan Meena said...

Sir,Can anyone of the UFBU leaders tell the benefit of 2 days strike even their own meeting after strike held after 8 days...

Anonymous said...

Be patient bro.admin is trying to bring all latest news to us.we should appretiate that.rather than criticizing

bhupinder singh said...

Mr kumar
I just want to know that y unions r not publishing circular ofvdemands they have made to iba
So that they can make us fool by saying these were oyr demands after getting nothing.

We r in Hell darkness about the settlement as have to look into net for everything y they do not provide us with minute details of the meetings????
Just post a circular of one page on website and that convey all minute detaiils of meeting???
I wonder how????
Now block whomsoever u want to but sone statements are true n will remain true

Sanjay Bhatt said...

Respected Sir,

You are Right....Right....

But frankly tell me Why this words are coming ? Why this type of anger is coming out ?

(Topics: “Iwill not do anything, but Union should do everything for me”-“Iwill quit the Bank job, going to joint Govt. job” etc. etc.,)

I am not agree with your above objection, B'coz When We 10 Lacs with UFBU then What is the problem to call for Indefinite Strike? Only repeated strategies are using.( I know What is Indefinite Strike and When to use and What is its impact.)

I don't support miss language but everybody has to think Why this come in public.

Its due to Question of Bankers Existing and value of our fraternity only and If Who can do something is not working and not too transparent then it will become is natural. Not socking.

Be frank, What ever leaders are doing is match with need of time ?

And Is it not MORE THEN ENOUGH ?


Everybody has to change self as per time and repeated action will not get same result every time.

Bank job has loose its charm. Am I right or wrong????

Please don't take it other way.


Anonymous said...

Mr kumar, kindly answer all questions.. Do you think we didn't deserve any hike?? Is our union making us fool??

Anonymous said...

One of our regular visitors to this portal has initiated an online petition demanding constitution of separate Pay Commission for bank employees. Those of our readers who are already convinced that UFBU has outlived its utility, can straightaway sign this petition. Those who still have some faith in the capacity of the leadership as of now, can review their stand any time after next round of discussions on 14.03.2014.

This petition can be viewed at the following link