Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bank Karmachari Sena Mahasangh version of talks!

   Following are the details of discussions as per  Bank Karmachari Sena Mahasangh
(trade union wing of Sivasena Party) (award staff union)and not a member of UFBU but negotiating with IBA seperately Ref.: BKSM/09/2014                                                           March 3, 2014
On 9th Meeting dt.03.03.2014

.Following are the details

.......In my experience of having negotiated & signed three Bipartite settlement and this being the fourth one. I felt disillusioned for the first time about the approach of 1BA towards the present wage revision negoliation held today.Initially, Shri Bhasin, Chairman of the Negotiating committee, appraised all negotiating members of all the Unions representing at IBA.. that IBA had discussed the issue of Wage Revision with all the CMDs and Committee members of IBA and that there was unanimous decision amongst them that the Ranks are not in position to even give 10% Wage rise in the pay slip components. He stressed that under the circumstances that when all Banks are struggling hA rd to keep their respective balance sheet upright, stated that he was unfortunately constrained that they cannot offer anything over & above the present offer of 10% increase in pay slip components.

Issues regarding Compassionate Appointment Scheme, Five Days Week etc. were also discussed, wherein IBA indicated the positive views of the Government only on the issue of Compassionate Appointment.

While all unions criticised this indifferent attitude of the IBA, the undersigned representing our Organisation strongly communicated its resentment of IBA's approach on Wage Revision.

The undersigned clearly stated that the Bank's profit could have been increased from 46000 crores to 13400 crores had our Banks not made provisions for NPA against Loans granted to various state electricity boards for which reschedulenlent has been done. 
It is incorrect and meaningless that these Loans which are guaranted by State Government / Central Government should be considered as NPAs for which provisioning has to be made against the rescheduled loans. 
Hence, the profit are deliberately reduced to create an illusion that Banks are not making enough profit to bear the cost of a respectful wage revision. 
We also stated that IBA is trying to adopt double standards like in the earlier Bipartite all calculalions were done on `Total Establishment Cost' but In this Bipartite they have resorted to "Pay Slip cost'. 

We have strongly opposed to this anti employee move by the IBA and that if satisfactory wage rise is not given then the Bank would loose its highly experienced and professional tAlent. 

Besides, the fact that none of the qualified from the younger generations would join the Banks due to meagre salary and tapering wage rise. 
There was some discussions on 'Loading ' which is presently taken as 2% but the same was without any direction and pointless. 
We have in words not soothing to the ears and as a Union with a spine have communicated to IBA our anguish and that the present wage rise offer is nothing less than peanuts and that IBA should upwardly revise its renewed offer which would restore the respect of a trade union as a negotiating organization..

General Secretary
On 10th Meeting dt.14.03.2014 

Today, the Indian Banks' Association had invited Bank Karrnacha.ri Sena Mahasangh for the Tenth round of negotiation and our Union was represented by the undersigned. The Core Committee of IBA was represented by Shri R K Dubey. Chairman of the Negotiation Committee, Shri Mohan Tanksale, Chief Executive of IBA, Shri Rajeev Rishi, Shri Rakesh Sethi, Mrs. Sushrna Bali, Shri Raj Kiran Rai, Shri Shailesh Verma, Shri K Unnikrishnan and Shri K S Chauhan.
Today's meeting IBA look up some of the important issues for discussions with the Unions and sought the views on these issues- The issues were as under :
1) Five Days Week : On this Issue, IBA has conveyed the negative views of the Government and
had mentioned that to achieve the objective of Inclusive Banking, the Government desired that Banking should reach the common man and give Customer service for the entire week. Even small Traders deserve the benefits of Banking to protect their trade and profession. However. IBA has suggested the Union to give a detailed submission for onward reference to the Government.
2) Pension Scheme Reforms : Our BKSM had mentioned about Pension Reform in our 
Charter to IBA and the same was discussed in different perspective where Unions sought reforms 
i.e. Upgradation in Family Pension. We felt that Family Pension is not a sufficient amount to support the living spouse & children of the deceased employee and demanded for a upward revision in Family Pension_ 
In respect of having uniform DA rate for all the present existing pensioners belonging to previous four settlements, it was suggested by the Unions that a uniform DA rate can be made if the DA of the appropriate times is merged with the then Basic Pay, Further, it was also demanded that the tapering DA of pensioners retired prior to November 2007 be modified. The demand of Pension Updation i.e. One Post One Pension as per Charter was also discussed. IBA has stated that it will examine the issue of Pension Reforms afresh after receiving a detailed views of our Unions on the Same.

3) Compationate Appointment : This is a long pending unresolved issue whereby IBA is awaiting the response from the Government after having sent a draft scheme. IBA has stated that the Government is willing to offer the Compassionate Appointment Scheme granted to the Government Employees and Is awaiting the said confirmation from the Government.

4) Medical Health Insurance : IBA made a desperate attempt to prevail upon
the Unions to accept the Group Health Insurance Scheme proposed by 
M/s K M Dastoor Reinsurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. Unions conveyed their apprehension about the bad experience of TPAS and also sought for clarification in the present cashless operating scenario. Unions had the doubt that the right to evaluate the correctness/ reasonable cost by the Insurance Brokers will be detrimental to the interest of the Bank Employees and therefore were bent upon to reject the said scheme. IBA stated that it will make a fresh presentation of flow chart and make an effort to eliminate all the apprehension doubts raised by the Unions. IBA stated that the Unions may submit their views/ Suggestions on the proposed Health Scheme and that it will revert back after renegotiating with the Insurance Brokers,

Th ere was discussions on constructinig and giving Housing Accomodation to Award Staff presently this facility is only extended to Officers of the Bank.,
There was discussions on regularised working hours for the Officers as well as giving a favourable support in transfer of female staff so that There is no separation of spouse in Banks.

All Bank Employees were hoping that some upward revision in present Wage Offer of 10% would be proposed by IBA. So that it could be a better beginning for tomorrow. unfortunately, This being a meeting with Core Committee to discuss other issues. and not with the IBA's Negotiating Committee, the financial aspect was not discussed. In a honest submission to our members, we feel that the next round shall be only after our General Elections.

(RTulaskar) General Secretary.


Anonymous said...

every aam banker wants to settle wage revision as earlier but its not possible banker have to only wait wait and wait so on behalf of all banker we requesting to all union leader to take strong decision as completing loksabha election and settle wage revision we can called indefinite strike also cant give chance to iba for mind game

Raman said...

It's expected Ufbu were sleeping for 16 months and want to show they are awake .had the talks completed within six months from 1/11/12.before june2013.these talks like npa would not have come.dueto greediness to get more levy Ufbu brought the bankers to the level.the entire Ufbu team should have been booked by MHZ 370,Malaysian airlines.god save bankers .

Ramesh said...

Mr.Kumar, y our UFBU is not released a detailed circular like this. I hope nothing is improved from this extract.

Anonymous said...

guys we have to start a bank chhodo movement. balance sheet upright means what. you guys make policies we follow them. you take responsibility of losses and don't accept 7th pay commision. Sir what you want is bankers should work like slaves you enjoy the benefits and when our number comes you start making this balance sheet. will revise our salaries in between if banks profits will shoot up after six months noooo...after five years again you will create this hoopla of fake losses. this cheating...i Demand the profitability figures of electricity boards, Government School, Colleges, Hospitals, Railways, Air India, Defence, ONGC, ISRO, HAL, and IBA show me your profitability figuers then i'll decide your 7th pay commission. Don't work like cheap broker.

Anonymous said...

Bhasin sahab aap toh bade khush hoge 7th pay commision ko leke ki achhi salary banegi. Zara IBA ki profitability batana sir main bhi dekhun kitna khoon choosa hai, sharam toh hogi nahin ki provision ka natak kar ke bank ka profit kam dikha rahe ho aur ek resepected wage revision 2 saal baad bhi nahin de rahe. Ek last question aap ke kitne bachhe hain aur kahan kahan kaaam karte hain.