Sunday, February 2, 2014


You might have read my staus Pay slip cost -1 and 2

From the inputs from various circulars from Unions and inputs received by me from comrades,
 it is now clear that total expenditure on employees by banks was Rs.56292 cr. as on 31.03.2012
And on payslip component alone it is Rs.31503cr.

Last time we achieved 10.98% on total expenditure towards salary(pay slip component).
Applying same % this time it comes around Rs. 6180 cr.
(10.98% ON 56292)
Now IBA has come forward upto Rs.3150 cr. only.
  i.e almost half what we have achieved last time.

Therefore UFBU should not let up at any stage, unless we get more than what we have achieved last time so as to match with salaries of Govt/General Insurance/LIC/BSNL employees.

Many comrades ask “what will be my salary after revision?”
Time is not ripping to go for calculations.

While all our eyes on % of increase in salary,
We should not forget, apart from % of increase in wages, UFBU has raised many more important demands in common charter of demand.
We have to achieve all those demands also without which this increase will not be meaningful.

For those who have not read, I give below the details:     


**Increase 30% for Clerks and 35% for Substaff .
    (Cost of superannuation benefits should be outside wage cost.
       Cost of Hospitalisation reimbursement to be outside wage cost)

**Stagnation Increments without ceiling.

**Increase in Spl.Allow. Commensurate with risk and responsibility, over and above merging of D.A.

** D.A. increase every month.

** Payment of HRA on Capital Cost / Rent Receipt basis upto 150% of normal entitlement.

** 5 days week BANKING to be introduced.

** New Pension Scheme to be withdrawn for newly recruited employees,

**Bonus Act to be amended to remove the existing eligibility ceiling and Bonus to be paid to allemployees. Till the Act is amended, Ex-gratia in lieu of bonus should be paid to all employees 

** Introduction of a Medical scheme on the lines of CGHS of Government Employees.

** Petrol cost reimbursement.

**Casual leave 18 days, P.L. accumulation up to 300 days.

** Overtime for connectivity problem/late sitting.

**Reimbursement of lodging bill over and above Halting Allowance.

**Education loan on concessional rate to staff.

For Pensioners/Retired Employees:

   **Gratuity calculation revision,
   **Updation of pension with every settlement

   **100% D.A. nutralisation,

   **Family pension improvement,

   **Extending 2nd pension option to all resigned employees,

   **LFC and Hospitalisation for retired employees,

To read the common charter of demands in detail go for the following link:



Anonymous said...

When the blog owner is afraid to publish criticism what is the meaning of reminding charter of demand. Every body who is closely following this wage negotiation drama knows what is there in the charter of demand.

What was the fate of charter of demands during past settlements and what awaits us after this drama is over

We should be ready to fight a long legal battle both with UFBU and IBA

Anonymous said...

Why UFBU doesn"t come forward with this all in detail.Why UFBU keeps us in dark.I wonder,comrades criticise UFBU when they meet one another but when there is meeting on state or at national level convened by UFBU or any of its constituents, comrades leave no stone unturned to praise their respective leadership.comrades please stop praising them and criticise them publicly for their misdeeds , else be ready for the worst in near future.please support.

Unknown said...

When the IBA has offered Rs.3150 cr as wage increase against the earlier settlement amount of Rs.6180 cr, UFBU expressed satisfaction on the offer amount and withdrew the strike. It is a great blunder done by the UFBU to the Bankmen. UFBU should have announced indefinite strike from 10.02.2014 instead they announced 2 days strike only. I request the UFBU leaders not to give up the battle for a minimum of 30% offer first and then talk for additional benefits thereafter with IBA

Anonymous said...

Charter of demands is similar to flying in a DREAM LINER aircraft. The leaders who are shown scant respect by IBA are putting up a such a charter of demands. For God sake, UFBU should be realistic in its actions. Then only faith of followers can be redeemed.

Anonymous said...

How long these negotiations gonna happen?
We must go on with an indefinite strike to achieve our goals.

Ankit Bhatt said...

Now Five Day Week in Kendriya Vidyalayas too

All Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) across the country are likely to switch to a five-day week for primary classes (up to Class 5) from the new academic session.
The proposal for a five-day week to “give space for students to pursue self-learning as per their aptitude and interest” is set to be taken up by the Board of Governors of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan on Tuesday. Officials said the board was likely to clear the move. However, a proposal to cut the working hours of KV teachers was unlikely to be passed, said sources.
HRD Minister Pallam Raju chairs the board, while Minister of State Jitin Prasada is a member. The proposal to switch to a five-day schedule is in keeping with the Right to Education Act. The proposal was first mooted by the KVs in 2012, but was rejected.

Five day week in Jharkhand

Bureaucrats in the state government can soon enjoy weekends with family members without worrying about files as the Hemant Soren cabinet on Friday decided to restart the five-day week practice, which was introduced under the Madhu Koda government in 2006, from the next calendar year.

From January 2014, all government offices in Jharkhand will function five days a week, and to make up for the loss of working hours, offices will function between 10am and 6pm instead of 5pm. Number of casual leaves will also be reduced 12 from 16......

All other sector are making changes but y not in banking sector ? Also IBA and others are applying policy of divide and rule in banking also. Doing too much discrimination and partiality between clerks and officers.
Mindless management staff are sitting. For an example a clerk get Rs. 100 as tea-coffee allowance per month while an officer 750 per month. What is this? Shameful..
So thats y also day by day clerical staff is decreasing . Most of the young clerks leaving job..

Anonymous said...

Union leader saste me gaand marwa kar aajate hai IBA walo k paas

Indian banker said...

Indian govt. is behaving like step mother of bank employees...

Indian banker said...

Why centre govt. is behaving like step mother of bank employees? As there are lot of offers for centre govt. employees at the time of election, then why not for bankers a considerable wage revision is decided according to their job profile.