Thursday, February 20, 2014


 Circular No. UFBU/2014/20 of date on the captioned subject for your information,

“The representatives of the constituent Unions of UFBU met today at Mumbai to review the situation subsequent to the historic success of 48 Hours’ All India Bank Strike from 6.00 a.m. on 10.02.2014 to 6.00 a.m. on 12.02.2014 and also to decide on future course of action for expediting the wage revision at the earliest.

All the representatives have expressed in one voice that the two days’ strike was responded massively by the bank men all over the country and placed on record their highest appreciation and congratulated the entire membership of UFBU for the historic success. Quoting the massive participation of bank employees and officers in the demonstrations, rallies and processions held all over the country as part of agitation programmes on the strike days, the representatives expressed that the total participation has clearly displayed the frustration in the minds of employees on the undue delay in the wage negotiations despite the fact that UFBU is making all out efforts for a respectable and reasonable wage settlement consciously keeping in mind even the affordability of banks while making attempts to ensure adequate wages to the bank employees and officers considering the wages in comparable sectors and also the financial burden on the bank employees on account of uncontrolled spiraling cost of inflation.

The meeting took serious note of remarks of Shri P. Chidambaram, Hon’ble Finance Minister that ‘profits of banks are not for wages of employees alone’ without giving any cognizance to the just reasonable demand of employees for their due and legitimate share particularly when banks are making good profits. The meeting further observed that the remarks of Finance Minister as fallacious, as it has been made by consciously ignoring the fact that Public Sector Banks have netted a huge profit of about Rs.46,000 Crores during the last fiscal even after providing about Rs.65,000 Crores towards writing off of bad loans and provisioning for Non-performing Assets.

The meeting deliberated at length on the strategies to be adopted on all the areas relating to the formulation of Scales of Pay duly considering the various cost factors such as fixed cost, variable cost and so on towards clinching a reasonable wage revision.

The meeting also discussed in detail on the future action programmes and with the hope that the historic success of Two days’ All India Bank Strike might serve as an eye-opener to IBA-Government combine towards amicable settlement. It was unanimously decided to chalk out further course of action based on the outcome of meeting with IBA, which is scheduled for 3rd March 2014.

Comrades – we are still on war path and there will be no backward movement in our agitation programmes, if no significant improvement is made by IBA in the bilateral discussions scheduled for 3rd March 2014. Hence, we request all our constituent unions and members to be in readiness for further agitational actions, including prolonged strike programmes, if need be.

We once again wholeheartedly congratulate the entire membership for the historic success of 2 days’ All India Bank Strike on 10th & 11th February 2014 and request the rank and file of members to continue to display their solidarity and total support for achieving success in our entire endeavor.”


Unknown said...

what do you mean by reasonable wage revision....30 % is reasonable wage revision it seems now UFBU is taking back step. Sir please stress on 5 days banking that is utmost important.

Unknown said...

What's new in circular? Entire relevant issues are not addressed like unilateral cancellation of meeting scheduled on 13.02.2014; why wait till 03.03.2014 and if it is again cancelled unilaterally moreover what is plan to seek support of general public who feel that banmen are highly paid; media where pathetic working conditions viv-a-vis lower salary is never discussed.thus no integrated approach. God save unions in future

Rajeev Kumar said...

Why the Union netas are not telling their minimum demands to the IBA/GOvt,below which level there will be no negotiations?

Anonymous said... is really ridiculous to see this detailed circular. What is that HISTORIC SUCCESS? as if we have not gone on successfull strikes earlier.
Do you people still hope that this two days strike will be an eyeopener to IBA/Govt.It is your illusion. Had it been an eyeopener IBA would not have cancelled the 13.02.14 meeting.

Again it is really amusing to see that our so called leaders are still on war path and there is no backward movement in agitational programmes if no significant improvement is not made by IBA on 03.03.14. What is the quantum is it 1,2,3 or 4.5%? This 4.5% is significant improvement for you (so called UFBU leaders)because you have deferred earlier strike for this alm (4.5%). Is there any sanctity for your demand of 30%. Even with 30% you will be nowhere near Central Govt Employees pay. And now you are telling that any significant improvement is made by IBA you will decide about your further course of action.
1. You have not prepared your Charter of Demands scientifically
2. By accepting merger at 4443 points you have miserably failed in the beginning itself.

At least now you should not agree for anything less than 30% raise.
if you agree for anything less than 30% it will be a proof that you are in collusion with IBA. please don't deceive your members who are struggling hard to increase proits of Banking Industry and also responsible for filling your coffer.

When ordinary members are ready for indefinite strike for getting a reasonable wage hike, what makes you people to hesitate to give a call for indefinite strike?.....

Unknown said...

I heard that union has agreed at 28% increae...announcement will b done on 3 rd march.......guys anyone update me abt 5 days banking..

Anonymous said...

Why UFBU is always talking of % of wage revision only?
Issues like restricted / regulated working hours and 5 days week seems to be droped from UFBU agenda

Anonymous said...

UFBU may consider approaching judiciary at highest level in view of active role of courts in issues of public interest recently

Anonymous said...

As all the leaders of UFBU and its constituants are to retire in next one / two years , 5 days week is none of their concern. New generation of officers have to find answer to this at their own.

Anonymous said...

We should not accept any offer less than 25% increase in our pay slip component only then we can attract best talent for banking industry

Anonymous said...

Dear Mahen ji
i ve also heard that ufbu has settled at 13.75 to be declared on 3rd march. bt i hope that you be true

Anonymous said...

Go to sleep and take sweet dreams,

thanvi said...

Nobody is concerned about basic problems of common banker. Major chunk of NPA is from the loan & advances to corporate sector.These loans were sanctioned by EC'c of the banks and writeoff by them. Why our leaders tell all this to common public. If a small account becomes npa then lower cadre manager punnished, accountability fixed. But what about these huge amounts. Ed's and other higher officer GMS, CGM, ED, MDs elevated. There is no example of any inquiry against such persons. Deat leaders, spare some time for media, invite them on tea, tell them the truth, so that they not only favour our demands but make public aware about us.