Thursday, February 27, 2014

Government Employees retirement age!

For the past two days the news of 
"Central government Employees retirement age will be raised 
from 60 to 62"
in the news papers, TV channels. blogs and social media.
With the expectation of extending the same to Bank employees.
I received many phone calls for confirmation of the news and

 possibility of extending the same to us.

This news was doing arround for the past two years and at the time of cabinet meetings.
This time also news spread because tommorrow there will be a cabinet meeting.

Whether it will materilise or not, we have to wait for two days.

My personal opinion is it should not be raised.

In a country like ours, unemployment is a major issue.

Lacs and lacs of youth have finished their studies and looking for jobs.
(one third of the graduates 36% are umemployed as per statistics)
This step if taken, will stop recruitment for another two years.

Those who already enjoyed a Govt, job should pave way to new generation.

If Govt. employees feel fit enough to work beyound 60, let them come out and

 start new business or a self employment or become a consultant and show theirr
 intelegence in the outside world.


Unknown said...

I strongly accept the opinion of Mr. Kumar in this regard. Our nation's unemployment ratio will go up and an unusual unrest among the graduates and unemployed youth will arise due to the increasing of retirement of age. I suggest that the retirement age should be reduced to 58 years as done earlier years. The Govt. wants to politicise this issue and wants to grab the vote share from the Central Govt employees and their families. I feel this is a cheap politics by the Congress led Govt. For instance, if you look at the Kerala State, where the Congress Govt. and the Communist Govt. have not taken any step to increase their Govt. employees retirement age of 55 years to 58 or 60 in the past and at present also. In my Opinion the Govt. should not raise the retirement age 60 years to 62 years and instead should try to reduce to 58 years from 60 years.

Raja said...

I too believe the same. The increase in age will only be good for the employees presently working in govt jobs. As far as bank is concerned, the age should not be increased at all as more and more people are rather planning to take a VRS than wait for the retirement age. This is mainly due to stress and demand of more business in this job. Already newly employed youths are facing too much age difference which is affecting their work and also the mindset of the old employees does not change overnight.

Mani paul said...

I do fully agree with the above views. Specially think of those youngsters whose age is in the upper bracket of 2 years (say the upper age limit for applying govt job is 28. Those above 26 will not get an opportunity for these 2 years and there is no plan for increasing upper age limit at entry means these aspirants will be deprived from govt job for ever

Unknown said...

I also agree with you bcoz of aftre getting so much exp in any field the govt employee can do any things they have money they can open the business and can give a chance of unemployed youth

Unknown said...

33 yes service or 60 yes age must be implemented in govt.and all PSU including banks and insurance co.Dr. andithevar