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UFBU Meeting was held on 4th July 2013 in Chennai under the chairmanship of                   Com. Vinil Saxena, President, National Confederation of Bank Employees (NCBE).  The meeting deliberated at length, apart from the issues being confronted by the bank employees and officers, the developments at national level and its likely impact on Banking Industry.

          It was noted with serious concern the delay in wage revision negotiations and the lack of seriousness on the part of Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) in taking up the issues raised by the Unions in the Common Charter of Demands. 
Despite three rounds of discussions held between IBA and the representatives of UFBU on different dates, the progress is sluggish.  The meeting decided to impress upon IBA to have serious and meaningful negotiations on the issues with an intention to have an early conclusion to the wage settlement.

          The UFBU has expressed its equal concern at alarmingly growing NPAs affecting the Bank’s profitability.  It is also felt that the lackadaisical attitude and ill-conceived policies apart from the economic recession, are the main contributors for the growing NPAs for which the Bank employees cannot be held responsible.  The meeting also expressed its concern over the manner in which various concessions are being extended to willful defaulters despite their having capacity to repay the loans.

          The meeting deliberated at length about the New Banks Licensing Policy aimed to favour the corporate and business houses.  The meeting also noted with concern that many of these applicants do not have any background of Banking and Finance.   It was decided to take up the issue once again with the authorities concerned and demanding review and reconsideration of their decision in encouraging Private Sector Banks by the corporate houses.  It was also decided to reach the masses and campaign to bring awareness about the dangers lurked in the form of Private Banks.

          The meeting deplored the moves of the Government for merger of Banks more particularly the merger of Associate Banks with SBI which is widely in circulation and decided to oppose any such move.  The meeting also highly deplored the manner in which the outsourcings of regular and perennial banking jobs are being resorted to unabatedly ignoring the subsisting Settlements / Understandings.

          After elaborate deliberations the UFBU has drawn the following action programme:

§  Delegation of UFBU representatives to the President of India, Finance Minister and Governor of Reserve Bank of India.

§  Meeting the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance and to present our views.

§  To Co-ordinate with Central Trade Unions and elicit their support.

§  To pass a resolution opposing New Banks Licensing Policy and submit the same to Finance Minister, Government of India and Governor of RBI.

§  To observe “ALL INDIA DAY” on 19th July 2013 by conducting rallies, seminars, processions and campaign meetings in all State Capitals / Other Centres.

Further, expressing its concern, the UFBU adopted a resolution extending fraternal support to the workers of Neyveli Lignite Corporation, who have launched agitation and strike action opposing disinvestment.

          The UFBU also noted with concern the mushrooming growth of ponzy Chit Fund Companies which are cheating the Public, particularly middle class and lower middle class resulting in suicides and passed resolution condemning the failure of the Government in arresting the growth of such unscrupulous Chit Fund Companies.


          An informal meeting with the representatives of the various Retirees / Pensioners Organisations was held in order to understand their viewpoints on the various issues and demands concerning the retired employees.  After hearing their views, the UFBU assured them that all their concerns will be duly addressed by the UFBU during the wage revision exercise.


          To have a better cohesiveness and co-ordination, it was decided in the meeting to introduce a position of Chairman of UFBU apart from Convenor and Com. K K Nair, General Secretary of Indian National Bank Officers’ Confederation (INBOC) was unanimously elected as Chairman of UFBU.

          Consequent to retirement on superannuation of Com. P K Sarkar, Convenor, the representatives of UFBU unanimously elected Com. M V Murali, General Secretary, NCBE as the new Convenor of UFBU.

          The meeting ended with passing of resolution appreciating the excellent services rendered by Com. P K Sarkar as Convenor of UFBU.

Sd.. M V Murali



Arun Kumar said...

M sorry to say but UFBU is just enjoying d for strike wid no tym boundation....we r ready

Unknown said...

Iba peoples are thinking that bank employees are donkies, and our association / union peoples are quit, they dont have guts to oppose iba. If this continuouse no body will join bank. And all iba and union peoples are retairing in 2-3 years(budde loge), they dont have concerne about young peoples working in banks.

Unknown said...

minimum pay scale should Rs30000 basic for a entry level officer because the officer entered on jan 2007 in central public sector ( ONGC,GAIL,OIL,NTPC) WITH 25000 BASIC PAY WHICH NOW BECOME 30000 WITH DA 80%. IT MEANS THE BASIC IS 45000 WITH Rs 0.00 DA.IT IS THE FACT.NOW THE CHEAPEST JOB IS PSU BANK JOB IN INDIA

Unknown said...

thank you

Anonymous said...


Our Union People are waiting for March 2014......, why because IBA Chairman already told that " It will settled by M..............arch 2014'

kanagaraj jaganathan said...

As Bheemarao Panchal said, it is true that the IBA in association with our Union Leaders are thnking that Bank Employhees are DONKEYS. Earlier the wage settlements were effected once in 4 years and to avoid undue delay in getting signed the settlements, they changed to once in 5 years. This time they may even change wage settlement to once in 6 years. As said earlier, our union leaders have no guts to fix a date for early talks as it is almost 1.50 months gone without any meaningful talk since 07.06.2013 last meeting with IBA. If this trend continues, the probable wage settlement date may be around Oct.2015.