Saturday, September 26, 2020

 #5DaysBanking is globally accepted and proved system directly or indirectly promoting large #DigitalTransactions and therefore also gets aligned with Govt campaign of #DigitalApnayen 

Looking forward for an effective banking reform, supporting work-life balance. 


*Tweet from Urjit Patel*


In terms of global competitiveness if Indian banking needs to be aligned with corporate culture and the problems of common public and employees needs to be addressed, a #5DaysBanking is a viable option to be considered by both @DFS_India and the ministry.

*Tweet from Bimal Jaalan*


PraTzZ said...

I dont think these people are on twitter. Tweets posted from unofficial accounts. Please check ot first.

DocBOYZ said...

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Unknown said...

5 days Banking क्या wage revision का issue होता है क्या? बाद मे यह issue ले सकते है