Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Reduction of Pension

Employees (Award Staff) retired at the stage of attaining 6th stagnation in each of 9th, 10th and 11th BPS will draw Pension as follows:
                     9th.     10th.    11th
B.Pay       24100  39400  59494
B.Pen.     12050. 19700.  29747
Comp.(-)   4016.    6566.   9915
D.A.  (+).  21256. 15267.   6184
Pension.   29290. 28401 26016

One simple question:
Up to 9th BPS, employees got more computation amount and more Pension than the one who retired in previous/earlier BPS.
Now in 10th and 11th BPS employees get more computation amount, but less Pension than one who retired in the previous/earlier BPS.
Why? What is the reason?

Everybody, except UFBU, knows it is because of loading at a small percentage in Basic Pay.
Attention those who retired after 01.11.2017!!

Your present pension amount will going to be reduced.
Excess Pension amount paid from your date of retirement to date will be calculated and will be recovered from your arrears payment.

A sample case is as follows:
A special assistant who's B.P.40710+1930+1310+800= 44750 is drawing Pension Rs.32257 (Aug,2020) now,  will draw Pension Rs.29548 only after implementation of 11th BPS.

Good luck for those who are all going to retire in 12 BPS😆😆😆


Vbraj said...

Ok agreed the reality to happen soon for us.... but is there any remedy do u the wise people can suggest, and get the idea been implemented before finalising everything??

Unknown said...

If basic pension will decrease then certainly commutation amount will be increased . Plz clarify.

Unknown said...

What about higher amount of commutation on account of higher recovery ? Please give complete picture

Unknown said...

This is wrong interpretation. When the DA is merged with the basic, obviously your commutation figure will be high..that means yoy are getting an amount of 462763 in 9th, 772949 8n 10th and 1167193 in 11th on commutation.

Anonymous said...

CHV and other crooks (Retired leaders) wants to gradually bring the newer retiree’s pension to the level what the crooks are getting.
They can’t force the management for pension updation. They can’t tolerate the new retirees getting more pension than them.
I think, these leaders are suffering from severe form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

Krishna Iyer said...

When we talk about Gross pension why we have to think about the commuted portion? In the above examples given the net pension is shown in the last line and not really the gross pension. When 1/3rd of the Basic pension is commuted we get in advance amounting to lakhs of Rupees and that is why the net pension gets reduced. Ofcourse, there may be variations in the load factor in Basic pay in each settlement and that will naturally get reflected in pension amount also. In respect of officers who retired prior to 2002, the monthly pension is very less because they are not given full Dearness allowance. Even General Managers retired prior to that date are getting around Rs.30000/_ as pension per month.

Unknown said...

What's IBA's role. Is it there in support of bankers or its there to only oppose a banker's demands?

Unknown said...

Govt. Sare banks ko private kar rahi hai aur ye union ke sab leaders tamasha dekh rahey hai toda sharam karo bank unions ke netao.