Friday, July 31, 2020

About 45 demands are raised in "Common charter of demands"
Out of which 12 demands are projected as prime.
To achieve these demands UFBU called for Strike action in Jan, Feb and March 2020.
How many demands are achieved and how many achieved demands are nearer to the original demand?
UFBU should explain to members.


Anonymous said...

That’s why they have not declared the settlement “HISTORIC” so far.

But keeping in view of the score card at least members should declare the BPS as historic

And send the leaders to History.

Anonymous said...

Show off only

Thangaraj said...

Do not achieved all

Anonymous said...


Banker boy said...

If only 5 days banking agreed i am reset to pay levy otherwise BABAJI KA THULLU.

Arbind Kumar Rai said...

After Final settlement they will day as historicy