Monday, March 16, 2020

Today small committee meeting with IBA took place at Mumbai.
IBA led by Shri Alok Kumar Choudhary, DMD SBI.
All constituents of UFBU participated. Discussion on load factor on Basic Pay after DA merger and it's impact on Superannuation cost was deliberated. Discussion remained inconclusive.
UFBU would meet shortly to crystallize our approach in the light of today's discussion with IBA.
Regards.  BANDLISH
Small committee meeting held today where representative from BKSM was also present.
IBA provided their calculation method of loading.
UFBU had difference with IBA calculation which was communicated today.
Details will be submitted after UFBU meeting.
Debashis Basu, BEFI


sunil said...

They are making fool of employee. Iba and govt were on their feet before 20th feb. They were ready for accepting all demand. But union did not willing for better settlement

Atanu Chakraborty said...

Time killing procedure may drag the process to may 2020.

Anonymous said...

28 Months over 50 round talk completed till today no hope of 11th bipartite

Atanu Chakraborty said...

Settlement will be finalised in May 2020.Updation of pension will be garaged in sideline.

Anonymus said...

What happened to wage settlement .unions are happy so that they get more levy