Saturday, June 15, 2019


Anonymous said...

Why they are asking mandate upto scale -7, but above scale 4 officers are not participate in any strike and they are nothing the unions also. So why they are delaying the wage revision. Respected those unions pls concentrate atleast 15% hike., if not possible comrades lose the hope about unions. Compare to bank unions, municipality unions and rtc unions are better than the bank unions, atleast they are stand some better hike.
Starting Mr venkatakalam asking 25% hike on the aibea demands after one year asking 10 % also good hike. See how they are fooling the comrades
These old member's want only Levy they are not think about the Bank people. Why should we pay the levy, monthly they are charging union fees again you should we pay levy.

rajeevkojha said...

It is a very funny situation that comrades who are mostly promoted from clerical cadres and are below scale IV level themselves, want to negotiate the pay structure of scale V and above.They are neither educated enough nor experienced to understand the job performed by these senior level officers in the bank.Some of these comrades are quite senile,well above the age of 60.These should be booted out of the negotiation process so the the wage revision and pension updation process may be over at the earliest.

Unknown said...

We didn't pay any levy to this type of unions

Vbraj said...

Sir pl clarify
Bank men who retires this month, is eligible the following benefits, once the 11th bip settlement is finalised
.. pension revision.. new basic pensn
.. salary arrears w.r.f 2017
.. gratuity arrears as per new sal
.. pensn commutation arrears
.. leave encashment arrears as per new

Am I correct sir??
Thank you

Arun said...

Yes becoz setelmnt is due in nov 17 so all faclity will b consider 2017

Unknown said...

Managements gave all for scale 4 & above even without asking!But nothing for us outside Bi Sett
lement.So why should we fight for them!They never stand infavour of their subordinates in any matter and they only stand infavour of managements

Anonymous said...

Due Date Actual Date Delay
1st Bipartite settlement 1.01.1966 19.10.1966 9 months
2nd Bipartite settlement 1.01.1970 12.10.1970 9 months
3rd Bipartite settlement 1.09.1978 1.08.1979 11 months
4th Bipartite settlement 1.09.1982 17.09.1984 24 months
5th Bipartite settlement 1.07.1987 10.04.1989 21 months
6th Bipartite settlement 1.11.1992 14.02.1995 28 months
7th Bipartite settlement 1.11.1997 27.03.2000 29 months
8th Bipartite settlement 1.11.2002 02.06.2005 32 months
9th Bipartite settlement 1.11.2007 27.04.2010 30 months
10th Bipartite settlement 1.11.2012 25.05.2015 30 months

so 11th Bipartite settlement from now 10 Months means 5th April 2020
Best of luck all hard working colleagues and Friends.

This is the actual fact.....

Unknown said...

Whether it is confirm massage from AIBOC?

Anonymous said...

Nothings gonna happen. Aiboc wants more levy and hence delaying the process. Are scale 6 and 7 part of association. They are senior respected officers unlike uneducated leaders of aiboc. Obviously scale 6 and 7 should get more. Jealous Aiboc greedy for more levy