Thursday, August 9, 2018

K K NAIR                    SANJEEV K. BANDLISH
Chairman                        Convenor

CIRCULAR No. UFBU/2018/14                 Date : 08-08-2018


Dear Comrades,
As already informed to units, bipartite meeting was held today between IBA and UFBU regarding renewal of our Medical Insurance Policy for serving employees/ officers as well as for the retirees for the ensuing period 2018-19. IBA team was represented by Shri Rajkumar, Dy. Chief Executive, Shri S K Kakkar, Sr. Advisor (HR&IR), and Shri K S Chauhan, Sr. Vice President (HR).  All our constituent unions were present in the meeting.

IBA informed us that United India Insurance Co. has given their proposal for hike in the premium on the Policies both for the serving employees/officers as well as for the retirees as under:

Serving employees/officers :     Increase in premium by  29% over existing rate

Retirees(without Domiciliary) :  Increase in premium by 110% over existing rate

Retirees (with Domiciliary) :      Increase in premium by 144% over existing rate

We strongly objected to such steep hike in the rate of premium and informed the IBA that especially the hike in premium for the retirees is too exorbitant and not appearing to be relatable to actual claim ratio.  We urged upon the IBA to take up with UIIC to drastically reduce the premium.

IBA informed us that they are
already seized of the issue and the matter is being taken up with UIIC.  We pointed out that the following points be kept in mind while finalizing the issue:

• There should be no attempt to discontinue the policy.  Policy should be continued and renewed.
• The premium rates should be drastically revised downwards.
• Pending discussion with UIIC, the Policy for both serving employees and retirees should be extended upto 31-12-2018 with pro rata premium.
• Cost of upfront payment of annual premium should be factored in while finalizing the premium rate.
• Change in age profile of serving employees and retirees should be taken into account while working out the revised premium rates.
• IBA should take up with the Government for exemption of GST on premium amount.
• Renewed Policy should include a penalty clause for delayed sanction of bills/ reimbursement.
• If broker will not be involved in the scheme, suitable mechanism should be put in place to deal with cases of repudiation of claims, etc.
• Uniform guidelines should be given by IBA for sanction of amount under Buffer allocation.
• Premium should be worked out on a composite basis by clubbing both serving employees and retirees.
• Premium for retirees should also be paid by the managements.

IBA took note of the above points raised by us and assured to keep these views in mind while further dealing with the same.

Next round of Talks on 18-8-2018:  Next round of Bipartite Talks (SubCommittee) will be held on 18th August, 2018.  Discussions will be held in the forenoon with the Officers Associations and in the afternoon with Workman Unions.

With greetings,


Tarunbikas Biswas said...

144% increase in premium of mediclaim for retirees ? Have our pension has increased/updated to any extent to meet that extra burden ? It will be a sheer injustice to the retirees. In no circumstances IBA should thrust upon us this unbearable burden. I request all unions to fight against this & deliver justice. Most of the pension holders do not get that amount of pension for a month what is proposed for the ensuing mediclaim policy premium.

Anonymous said...

these netas are incompetent to save the interest of employees. they are only for making harm to employees benefits.

Ravi said...

Increase in premium may be accepted subject to similar increase in salary /pension.

shyamal Kr.Chakravorty. said...

All the unions leaders must resist in this issues about medical insurance premium otherwise so many bank retiree employees should be died without treatment.

Unknown said...

First pension should be done update for all retiree of banks and Da rate should be one for all retiree of banks as central govt and state govt pensioners

Unknown said...

The proposed medical insurance premium for retirees is exorbitantly high and if agreed, many retirees will be compelled to discontinue subscribing.

Anonymous said...

All the comrades of banking units there is a good news. Our union leaders have negotiated with IBA and they have agreed to our demands of increase in salary @40% and pension @25%.

Waiting for this statement.
Ye leaders office se retire bhi hote hai Kya?

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Sab Ben was hai.

Anoop Kumar said...

I appeal to all the bankers please raise your voice against UFBU and IBA both and demand for immediate shutdown of both the organizations.

Unknown said...

Uiic enpannelled hospital over including the treatment expenses and at the end we are sufferer by playing more Premiun.

Unknown said...

Invoicing, paying

Anonymous said...

It is time that UFBU should soon propose the idea of BANKERS HOSPITAL in line with the concept prevailing in Railways for their employees (RAILWAY HOSPITAL) which shall certainly in the long run benefit both serving and retired employees. Totally free medical treatment can be extended to all bankmen. Let us voice our suggestion.

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sikha said...

i think union should demand a BPL CARD for the bankers other than increasing the percentage....and i have full confident that union can do it for all of us

Unknown said...

This union chairperson have already retired what is he understand about the present situation ...just do one thing lat mar ke bhaga do inko

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...ongc initial basic for officers Rs 60000. Can u imagine. More than twice the basic of poor bankers

Anonymous said...

Core committee of award staff unions n IBA under the chairmanship of G Rajkiran Rai MD Union Bank concluded today on 18.08.18 at IBA hall Mumbai.Deatails of the issues agreed. #Revised DA Formula and improvements in compensation against price rise:--- UFBU will submit a details note. #Regarding HRA reimbursement:----On producing rent receipt which will come under load factor. # Increase in Transport Allowance:-–- Substantial increase # Leave matters:---CL no increase. PL:--- Other than LFC 10 days notice required. SL:--- Over 30yrs 30 days per yr maxm 720days. Sick leave may be granted to women employees to look after sickness of a child below 8yrs.Over and above maternity leave another 2months to be given to cover cases of hysterectomy wherein maternity leave is already exhausted.Paternity leave will be granted for child adoption.Extraordinary leave will be permitted up to 120 days.It is agreed to give detailed notes on Leave Bank. #Improvement in LFC:---- For clerical 4400/2200kms actual travel.For Substaff 5100/2550kms actual travel.Road mileage charges 8/- kms in place of 6/-kms.Sight seeing and local charges will be paid by the Bank within overall limit.GST will also be reimbursed.Train fare of Rajdhani n Shatabdi will be reimbursed.#DA link Pension:--- Service charges livied on employees under NPS will be borne by the Bank.#Dependent Income:---It is agreed to Rs 12000/-in place of Rs.10000/ in other allowance:---Substantial increase (around 15%)in cycle washing and other allowances.#New Allowance Introduced:--- Lodging allowance in which amount will cover later.#Deployment policy.:--- It is agreed for Rs 600pm. In other like subatical leave , Gratuity ,Annual Medical ,Pension ,Family pension will be discussed in main negotiating committee.Some of the issues like 5days banking ,PH issues ,All area allowances, Absorption of temperorary workers will follow govt guidelines. Next full negotiating committee will meet in the first week of Sept 2018 .

Manish gurnani said...

Every body has forgeted about pension in place of DCPS

Unknown said...

Please clarify about rent facility in clerical cadre

Admin said...

Thanks for sharing this post...
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Unknown said...

With one time premium bankers should also be included in CGHS