Friday, April 13, 2018


CIRCULAR LETTER No.28/70/2018/18 11-4-2018


Group Medical insurance Scheme

Units are aware that we have been demanding proper and hassle-free
implementation of the Group Medical Insurance Scheme.

 We have also been
demanding further improvement in the Scheme under the11th Bipartite Settlement.
In the meantime IBA has been asking for constitution of a Joint Committee to
discuss these issues as well as to decide the appointment of multiple brokers,rate

From UFBU we have expressed our reservation to involve the
unions in appointment of Brokers,etc.and have been asking for a meeting to
discuss these issues.

But IBA had sent a letter to UFBU stating that if the Unions do not come forward to
submit the names for constitution of the Committee, they may take a decision to
drop the scheme itself. In view of the unacceptable stand of the IBA, a
communication has been addressed to the IndianBanksAssociation as under:
“Wearein receipt of your letter dated 07.04.2018 on the above subject in relation to
constitution of the committee.
At the outset we wish to state that the contentions of the IBA as stated in the letter
are provocative and unwarranted.
We have already explained our viewpoints and
the matter needs proper understanding and clarity before we proceed with the
submission of names for constitution of the committee.
You will recall that the scheme of Medical Insurance was the proposal of the
management inresponse to our demand for improvement in the Hospitalisation
expenses reimbursement scheme that was available upto9th Bipartite Settlement.

While the objective behind the scheme of medical insurance was to ensure hassle
free reimbursement, no doubt there areproblems faced by the employees/retirees
which need to be addressed for modification, rectification and necessary
We have already suggested a jointmeeting to discuss these issues
and we are ready to extend all our co-operation to ensure better administration of
the scheme.
But we feel it desirable and advisable that unions are not to enter into aspects like
appointment of Brokers.TPAs,etc.which are purely administrative.We regret that
instead of convening the meeting to discuss these issues and sortout the same,
such provocative communications are sent.
Please note that the scheme is arising outof the settlement/joint note and any
attempt to move unilaterally including dropping the scheme will be responded
appropriately by UFBU.
We hope IBA would not precipitate the issue and arrange for a meeting immediately
where all connected issues can be discussed.”
Further developments will be informed to units in duecourse.

Yours Comradely,


Frustrated banker said...

It seems Wage revision may happen in 2020 that too not guarantee

Lkd said...

Shut up unions bankers are only interested in 11th bipartite settlement not in else make settlement successfully otherwise somebody kill u

Anonymous said...

Stop circulations that pertains to non financial matters. Let us show our protest by only communicating/ circulating financial matters of bi-partite. Let us together boycott or blacken UFBU communications other than wage revision.

Anonymous said...

Gadhe jab union chalate hai tab aisa hi hota hai.

Anonymous said...

What is the procedure to discontinue union subscription???

Anonymous said...

A Simple letter to salary disbursing authority informing office of becoming a non-member of any recognized trade Union and withdrawal of standing instruction already given commencing from ensuing month. Okay

Anonymous said...

Retired union leader not do so much for servised banker.
we should talk only for salary settelment or CPC.

Union leaders cut legs of their members who supports them.

for this union becoming weaker.
Near future banker may sucide increase.

Anonymous said...

Though the media has raised issue of wage revision of bank employees emphatically our own unions are silent over the issue it's really disgusting

Anonymous said...

Comrades remember that the present BJP government assured bank employees of their revised wage revision with effect from 01/11/2017. Five full months have passed yet UFBU has not constituted a full bench meeting pertaining financial matters. It only shows the lack of conviction towards bipartite negotiation. What an Union? They have considered members as dust in downpour.

Unknown said...

Sir,Aibea aiboc playing dramas infront of the innocent bank employs,every month you are collecting subscription is there any auditing to that money