Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Youth discuss issues faced by banking sector, staff

— By Agencies | Mar 25, 2018 12:11 am

This three-day convention which was organised by AIBEA, set the tone by calling not just the banking employees but the working class across all public sector,

Mumbai : Around 1,000 representatives of various banks gathered in Mumbai for the second youth convention for banking employees. This was held with an aim to address various issues faced by the banking sector and also problems faced by the employees of the bank.

The three-day convention which was organised by All India Bank Employees’ Association (AIBEA), set the tone by calling not just banking employees but the working class across all public sector, to evaluate the importance of public sector in the country.

AIBEA, general secretary, CH Venkatachalam said that he met Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and asked him to look at various issues faced by the banking sector and its employees.

“After we spoke to the minister, the Indian Bank’s Association had informed us that a meeting will be help to discuss issues like remuneration, perks and etc.” Venkatachalam also ensured women employees that they are also looking at ways to extend their maternity leave.

With increasing technology, he added, there is a need to find a right mix in utilising technology for improving efficiency. “It looks like we are become slaves to technology and that is not the way to go.” He reiterated there is need for technology but not at the cost of jobs.

This convention also saw WFTU’s working youth committee, international coordinator Emil Oslen address the youth.


Unknown said...

Samay par so jate Hein.Nid khulati hai samay Nikal Chuka hota hai.sote
Raho bhaiya ye haathi ke dant kise
Dikha rahe ho meeting kar kat ke.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

CHV hum bankers ko fool samaz kd naye naye tarike dhund rahe hai

Anonymous said...

In logo ki jitni bhi meetings hoti hai usme wage revision ka issue sabse last hota hai. They don't show willingness for wage revision.they are just befooling us. What the fuck is happening. It's very irritating and now a thought is coming in mind wether choosing banking as a carrier was the biggest mistake.

Anonymous said...

Hame to apno ne loota, gairo me kaha dum tha.... barbad kar do bankers ko ufbu walo..

Anonymous said...

PTS, temp attenders, late pramotee clerks se bhee ye union wale levee ke name pe 3000-4000 rupaye lete hai, maine en staffs ko 10-10 rupaye bachate dekha hai, taki enke ghar ka kharcha chal sake.

Shankar Gubbi Rajanna said...

What locus standi CHV has in a meeting of young bankers. He has already fooled senior bankers and even at this old age, he has not given up his old habit.

Anonymous said...

Mera 37 years ka expirience hai ,ye union leader our unkanke han me han ( chamache) milanewale ka hi bhala chahate hain, baki sinciour empl pe injustice hi karate hai, every time I oppossed their move, but they successed to gumrah the members & at present the young empl. r facing all hrardles, now u have to fight agst these ufbu leaders unitedly.