Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Bangalore Kumar said...

MR CHV....Prove the power of PSB's by going for indefinite strike. 99% of central and state government employees do the work only after taking bribe...but no action from governments. I am sure hardly 1% of bank employees are involved in untrustworthy activities, there will be bad and good in every sector, but PSU banking fraternity is known for its integrity and capacity to provide good service to the customers on behalf of government. There is a saying "we don't understand the value of an item till it exists with us, we only understand after it is lost." May be assocham is thinking to have more private banks, so they can loot public.

Unknown said...

It is true but Govt.is not understanding the truth or they donot
Try to understand because every task has been done announced by this Govt.Our leaders are silent that why an
Employee have to complete 33 years service for full pension on the other hand MPs and MLAs are getting pension in five years .why this disperity ?

Unknown said...

Now time has come that Bankers should change their behaviour and working culture .

Anonymous said...

congratulations for retaliation. Continue to expose ASSOCHAM and its hidden interest. Keep sending press releases on a daily basis and prove the power of AIBEA and it's commitment towards protecting public deposits. Let tainted corporate houses know that hard earned public money is not for private loot.

We look forward your daily press releases. Awaken the sleeping world through your tough committed golden drafts. Ask your battalion to participate in news debate. Don't stop and disappoint with a single article.