Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tall claims !!
Income Tax slab rate reduced from
10% to 5% , For income upto Rs.500000!
Tax payer will be benefited by Rs.12500!

Is it true?

But, media / news papers does not highlight one change.
Yes, Tax rebate of Rs.5000 for income upto Rs.500000 available till last year is changed.
Now it is reduced to Rs.2500 and that too upto income of Rs.350000.

Giving benefit by one hand and take away the existing benefit by the other hand!
What an ideaji?

Pl. Read the examples compiled by me .
Those who are under income of Rs. 500000 are not benefited anything.

But, those who are having income of above Rs.500000 are fully benefitted by

This Government is for whom?


Arun said...

Not only 10th BPS, even earlier settlements are also compromised one. Every BPS is Bad to Worst. Bankers REAL earnings was eroding settlement after settlement.
It will be very clear to you if you compare Bank wage structure with that of Central Govt employees. About 20 to 25 years ago, Bankers salary was more than Central Govt Employees. But today, a Scale I Officer in Bank will get less than a clerk in Central Govt employee. During 1980s Salary of a Scale I officer in Bank was more than IAS Officers salary. You can very well compare the position as on date. This is the great contribution by Bank Union Leaders. is that true sir ?

Anonymous said...

Consult your auditor and learn how to calculate tax... And openly publishing.. Pity on u and ur readers

Unknown said...

My question is why Pension of retired bankers under 10th bps. Have reduced by 7 percent . Please ask this question to the leaders of UFBU.

Unknown said...

What is the purpose of special pay, it is for complete failure of UBFU to denying the retirement benefits. This type of settlement has not been happened in any other organisations in India.